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Madalin Serbanescu joins the Management Team of QUALITANCE as Head of Sales
Raiffeisen Bank and QUALITANCE are developing a 100% digital lending platform for SMEs
QUALITANCE celebrates the ReadyUp launch
QUALITANCE appoints Mike Parsons as CEO
QUALITANCE corporate bonds start trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) Multilateral Trading System (MTS)
QUALITANCE bond offering gets oversubscribed by more than 110% of its minimum value
QUALITANCE & BCR unveil pioneering home mortgage platform Casa Mea
QUALITANCE CEO Ioan Iacob talks work culture at Innoteque 2019
Ioan Iacob leaves key message for future generations in Romania 2118 time capsule
QUALITANCE gets recognized with “Zero Tolerance to Failure” award by