Ioan Iacob leaves key message for future generations in Romania 2118 time capsule
Ioan Iacob leaves key message for future generations in Romania 2118 time capsule

Ioan Iacob leaves key message for future generations in Romania 2118 time capsule

On November 30, “Romania 2118” Time Capsule was inaugurated at Alba Iulia, and QUALITANCE CEO and Co-founder Ioan Iacob was part of it, alongside +200 Romanians with outstanding accomplishments in their fields.  

On the occasion of Romania’s National Day (December 1st), which also marked the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, LSRS (The League of Romanian Students Abroad) and CAESAR Foundation (The Center for Accessing the Expertise of Students and Alumni from Romania) partnered with Alba Iulia City Hall in launching a touching project – “Romania 2118” Time Capsule.  

Over 200 exceptional Romanians across country and from around the world left handwritten messages for the future generations to read out in 2118, when Romanians will be celebrating the Great Union Bicentennial. All messages were enclosed in a time capsule shaped as a bronze hemisphere embedded into a chalk pedestal. In front of the hemisphere placed on the ruins of the Alba Carolina Fortress lies the sculpture of an open book, displaying a symbolic message.

“Romania 2118” Time Capsule carries an honest radiograph of the values and ideals nourished by a generation of honorable, accomplished and ambitious people, who truly care for their country and fellowmen. On December 1st, 2118, when the capsule will be unsealed, our descendants will be able to read them out for the first time and thus better understand our values and pursuits.

For the time being, the platform has published the names of messengers, their backgrounds as well as a series of excerpts from their messages. Here’s a fragment from Ioan’s message advocating for a future in which Romania not only runs the technology wave, but is also at the forefront of science and education in Europe and around the globe:

I wish that in 2118 Romania will be the country that we’re fighting to (re)build today; a country led by brilliant, honorable people, who are bravely protecting the rights and interests of all Romanians; a country that will have already leveraged the technological revolution – a revolution that, by the time you’re reading this, should have rewritten the global hierarchies and enabled us to regain our place among the elite.

Those who are visiting the sculpture ensemble in Alba Iulia can access the online platform through a QR code.

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