QUALITANCE & BCR unveil pioneering home mortgage platform Casa Mea
QUALITANCE & BCR unveil pioneering home mortgage platform Casa Mea

QUALITANCE & BCR unveil pioneering home mortgage platform Casa Mea

Bucharest, Romania – September 18, 2019 – In a joint press conference with BCR – one of the largest banks in Romania and part of the Austrian ERSTE Group, QUALITANCE launched today the pioneering digital platform for home mortgages Casa Mea. The platform stands out as one of the world’s most exciting digital solutions that radically simplifies home mortgage origination, providing customers and bank employees with an effortless, time-saving experience. 

The platform, which has already been used by 1,300 BCR customers, bridges customers, bank employees, and third-parties such as the seller, the notary public or the realtor. By streamlining all communication flows and offering customers with instant collaboration tools, a clear walk-through the process, and real-time notifications on progress, Casa Mea reduces the average time of loan origination by at least 50% and makes the home mortgage experience easier than ever. 

Ioan Iacob, QUALITANCE CEO and Co-founder

In the civilized world, buying a house is the most important financial decision that 80% of people make in their entire life. At the same time, securing a home mortgage is one of the TOP 5 most stressful life experiences. Together with BCR, we decided to challenge the status quo and fully commit to this audacious endeavor. Together we made the impossible possible.

Our society stepped into the digital era a long time ago, and companies like Apple, Amazon, Google or Uber reset our expectations with regard to the way we interact with products and services. People expect banks to offer them a similar level of straightforward, intuitive experiences. Yet, bias drives people to assume that only fintechs can meet such high expectations. Casa Mea is the living proof that banks can do it too.

The first version of the platform was ready in record time – 10 weeks after kick-off.  Together with BCR, we managed to turn the stressful experience of securing a home mortgage into an unexpectedly smooth and pleasant experience. It’s not us, it’s the customers who said it. We built this platform with their help – we did thousands of prototyping iterations and tested them with hundreds of users. 

This is a premiere for Romania, and BCR made it possible thanks to their innovative mindset and visionary team,” stated QUALITANCE CEO and Co-founder IOAN IACOB.

The Casa Mea platform was built by QUALITANCE to help BCR break the paradigm of traditional loan origination and turn the time-consuming, paper-heavy home mortgage experience into a magical journey for customers. The solution is equally increasing the efficiency and productivity of bank employees by automating front-office and back-office flows, integrating call center services and providing all employees with a straightforward overview of the home mortgage process. As a result, bank employees have more time to invest in nurturing customer relationships.

Dana Dima, BCR Vice President of Retail & Private Banking

The Casa Mea platform is today’s most audacious and innovative banking project, designed to help customers in need of home mortgages. The idea behind this platform is the result of many conversations with our customers. They helped us understand that the process of purchasing a house comes with a great need of transparency, predictability, and convenience.

Casa Mea provides BCR customers with an online control system for the entire home mortgage origination, which they can access from everywhere while benefiting from full support and transparency. It is a unique solution in Romania, and people can easily and securely use it on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Casa Mea is yet another major step taken by BCR on the Romanian banking market. It is part of our Open Banking strategy, which aims at investing in partnerships that benefit our customers.

It is our responsibility to offer efficient lending solutions so that we can help increase people’s access to bank services. Along with a solid home mortgage product, the Casa Mea platform emphasizes the financial investment that BCR has been making in technology these past few years, leading to the launch of the digital ecosystem George – the first intelligent banking system, said Dana Dima, BCR Vice President of Retail & Private Banking.

Casa Mea is available in the App Store and Google Play. Users can easily and securely authenticate using their George credentials.