How I Work: Dragos, the enthusiastic tester
How I Work: Dragos, the enthusiastic tester

How I Work: Dragos, the enthusiastic tester

Maybe you know Dragos. He’s a trustworthy and super friendly guy who talks with everybody. People love him. He has recently been voted the QSTAR of the company because he takes ownership to a new level. Get to know him better, find out what helps him work efficiently and many more, in the interview below!  

What does your work actually involve?

We, as testers, we impersonate. When I’m in a testing session, I forget who I am, I forget my tech background and try to walk in the shoes of a, let’s say, 60-year-old financial adviser who has no clue about technology. He just wants to share something or add a social account. When I find a bug, I become myself again and identify the problem with as many details as possible.

I always adapt myself to the people I work with and focus on our common purpose – to deliver a product with as less bugs as possible. All developers say “This is the code; you can’t find anything wrong in here. No bugs, trust me”. There’s no such thing.


What helps you focus when working? 

When I get into a testing session, I put my headphones on and listen to underground hip hop. For one hour, one hour and a half I’m hooked on my work.

What does ownership really mean to you?

Talking full responsibility, involving myself 100% in my work, and not blaming others when things don’t turn out as planned. For the last 4 years, I’ve been the only tester on the projects I’ve worked on. So I was completely responsible of the quality. And if a bug went unnoticed, it was my job to assume it. If you fear failure, you’d better not become a tester!

All developers say “This is the code; you can’t find anything wrong in here. No bugs, trust me.” There’s no such thing.

Name a project where you felt you had most ownership.

Gainfully. It happened in 2014, when I had less than a year at QUALITANCE. Cristi Pocovnicu came to me and said I was going to work on Gainfully. Work started in April and the MVP had to be delivered in August. That’s when I was a bit nervous. But it all ended up just fine.

dragos_resWhat do you like most about being named the Captain of Ownership?

I’m happy that our work, as testers, has finally been recognized. Usually, developers are the ones who take the credit for projects, while testers are in the shadows. This prize came as a confirmation that we are visible too. We’re not just those people who spend time on Facebook all day long!

What’s your favorite time at the office?

If we’re talking about productivity, I prefer mornings. I come to work around 9 AM and until 10 I make my agenda for that day. I try to concentrate the most important things until 12.00 – 1.00 PM. Then I have lunch and after 2 PM I do some routine work, where I know I don’t find too many issues.

When I’m in a testing session, I forget who I am and try to walk in the shoes of someone who has no clue about technology.

Which are the 5 things always on your desk?

First, the laptop and the PC monitor. Fruits, because I need my vitamins. Tea – I don’t drink coffee, so I always bring tea from home. Music (and headphones) – I couldn’t work without it. And the agenda – when testing, I keep focused by taking notes on paper and report all bugs at once, at the end. It’s much simpler this way.


What’s the best life advice you’ve ever been given?

I think it’s very important to do the best you can do, all the time. And never say “We cannot do that”. If a client comes to you with a request, you shouldn’t tell him it’s impossible to do such thing. The right answer is “We’ll try and see what works”.

What’s the best piece of advice about having ownership?

Try to see the big picture. I always had this issue – whether with testers or developers. They only focus on their own work and lose the big picture. Each piece of work is attached to the others, and if one doesn’t fit, you might mess up the whole ensemble. This big picture perspective comes with experience.

How do you unwind from work?

I live 16 km away from work, so I have to drive a long way home. Sometimes it takes even one hour and a half. That’s when I turn the music loud, usually it’s DOC or Deliric, and forget about everything.

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