What we learned about innovation from Robert Neivert
What we learned about innovation from Robert Neivert

What we learned about innovation from Robert Neivert

We recently heard from Robert Neivert, global entrepreneur and QUALITANCE advisor.

The pace of innovation has increased, so standing still comes at a greater cost than ever. This has become a reality for many traditional companies. And it’s hurt their bottom lines too. Take as an example Uber and the taxi industry. But, there is a mutual connection between the old and new.

“Large companies lack what startups have. Startups lack what large companies have.”

Robert Neivert, Venture Partner 500Startups and QUALITANCE advisor


The synergies between startups and corporations was the main topic of Robert’s presentation at our latest tech talk held in Bucharest, QUALITALKS #6.

During his talk called “Innovate or Die”, Robert Neivert has described some successful ways of driving innovation in large corporations and enveloped his learnings in ten keys to reaching innovation success. He gave a line of reasoning on why there should be used VC model and processes, not the company model.

Robert believes in “fast chaos” rather than “controlled systems” and in the importance of a vision that empowers people to look for few big successes, not many small ones. Seeking to have valuable people around him, he recommends searching for greatness with flaws instead of flawless mediocrity.

About the speaker

Robert is a Venture Partner at 500 Startups and QUALITANCE advisor and has been CEO of multiple VC funded software startups in Silicon Valley as well as holding leadership positions in products, marketing, and operations in five previous companies. Four of his companies have been acquired, and the others are still operating. Robert has also served as a mentor at Stanford’s iFarm project.

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