The Cloud
The Cloud

The Cloud

An Overview for Newbies

The office work has significantly changed during the last years, and this is because of technological evolution. Computers and special programs can manage huge amount of data handling, business oriented calculations and debugging. This enables organizations and businesses to improve performance, security and create a complete new business model.

With all this data gathered on servers, the transfer of information becomes an essential concern. Beside the transfer of information between users and companies through e-mails, the idea of a personal cloud is essential for the inside sharing files and documentation.

All this sharing can now be brought to another level by implementing the office, mobile, web-based and even home based storage options that could automatically receive and send any type of data to an IP-based device. Cloud computing can have a significant impact at every key growth stage of the business life cycle – from launching a start-up to expanding a business to managing a multi-national enterprise.

The cost for this implementation seems to be the biggest plus, but also the maintenance of cloud computing is easier, because it can be accessed from everywhere and it doesn’t need to be installed on every user computer. Also the applications can be easily migrated from one server to another.

The cloud concept looks a bit insecure, as in: it lacks complete security. The information can be organized by region, department, importance or security. The problem seems to be for large companies where a balance is needed between empowerment of employees and corporate control. Other companies will worry about security issues in the cloud, where the same computer servers handle data for many customers at once.

Here’s how I ran into this cloud computing thing: I used to have a website where a few users accessed it. As the traffic and the data stored grew on the website server, the hardware had to be updated to keep up with the requirements of the site. This is usually managed by buying a new server and split the needs on it. The hardware is expensive and so is the maintenance. And it’s very hard to determinate the number of users accessing the website and if the infrastructure can resist at different hours. The idea of cloud appeared as a necessity. The cloud can manage these problems and also incur a lower price. The resources are managed in a dynamic way, the cloud being able to assign resources by needs. We could think about it like a taxi-meter: you just pay for the ride, you don’t need to buy the entire car.

In my opinion, the cloud could be the next big thing in the business world but the security problem must be resolved in order to establish trust in cloud computing technology.