[Team Spotlight] I’m SILVIU, the QA guy, and this is how I rock automated testing at Q
[Team Spotlight] I’m SILVIU, the QA guy, and this is how I rock automated testing at Q

[Team Spotlight] I’m SILVIU, the QA guy, and this is how I rock automated testing at Q

“Test and learn” is one of our daily mantras. We test ideas and prototypes with end-users, our clients, and each other. Because we’re so hooked on experimentation, we can easily regroup around feedback and start over with a better understanding of what needs to be done. That’s why for us a failing idea or prototype is not a reason to feel stuck. It’s a new context to improve and get things right for the people that matter – the end-users.

SILVIU is one of our QA automation rockstars. He’s one of our seniors who’s been on the team since 2016. All the digital products and experiences that we built for IKEA, NewsCorp, BCR, 7Card and Labs had to successfully pass through Silviu’s testing automation framework before they reached customers. Silviu is the kind of person who rarely talks about himself or his work, because he’s too focused to deliver. Because he’s more of a doer than a talker, we asked him a few questions so that everyone should get to know his great personality and way of working.

1. Tell us who you are in just 6 words

Ambitious, objective, exigent, thorough, positive and sometimes stressful for some people – maybe, I don’t know 🙂 That’s more than 6 words already.

2. You started on the QUALITANCE team in 2016, then you took a break in 2018 and came back after a couple of months. What made you return to Q?

The projects, the technologies and the team I found here. I had been working in many companies, large corporations in particular. Still, none of them were anything like Q. What I loved and still love most is the variety of the projects and the technologies we use in them. I love that you have the freedom to come up with ideas, and you’re not doing robot work. Other than that, I’m very fond of my teammates as I can always rely on them in any projects. It’s a joy to work with people who know what they’re doing, who deliver how and where they’re supposed without nudges or reminders, and who are always there when you need help.

3. You’re a senior QA automation engineer. What’s a crazy busy day like for you?

As crazy as it might be, it always starts early for me. I usually come to the office – and now as we’re working from home, I log in earlier than most people, around 8 AM. I don’t drink coffee or smoke, so I jump to work. I usually check the “leftovers” from the previous day, if any, and prioritize what’s due for the day. My daily meetings and sync start around 10-11 AM, so I get enough time to do some actual testing. Without counting my lunch break, which used to be out with the team or in our office kitchen, testing is pretty much what I do until 5 or 6 pm.

When it’s crazy busy I write up testing plans, testing cases, automated tests, I do manual testing. I even check development documentation and do performance testing.

4. What tips or advice do you have for anyone starting in a similar role, maybe your next teammate?

What matters most is that you love your work. You shouldn’t be here just because QA automation might offer more jobs and it’s easier to get hired.

When you love what you do, getting to work everyday is a joy because you always find new stuff to learn. And when you get to work, you’re pumped about what you’re going to accomplish. You won’t even notice time passing, let alone count the hours to get home.

5. Since you’ve been in Q, you’ve been working on a ton of awesome projects like BCR’s Casa Mea digital mortgage platform and the IKEA virtual shopping experience. What were your biggest gains from these projects and what did you love most about them?

IKEA was actually my first project at Q and one of the most interesting to date. For a tech enthusiast like me, experimenting with AR, VR on a screen twice my size, getting the chance to test digital experiences for touch tables, phones, tablets and web apps was the most fascinating thing. The only thing missing was a hologram 🙂 We did it all.

BCR Casa Mea was my first banking project and one of the most complex. I had a chance to see for myself what it’s like to work with a large company and to be a part of an extended, mixed team – as Q and BCR worked as one team.

6. We all have some ritual or mantra to stay focused. What’s yours?

For me it’s enough to put my headphones on and play some music or listen to a YouTube video on anything related to gaming.

7. In your opinion, why should anyone be part of the QUALITANCE team?

It’s very simple: fascinating projects (you will never get bored), next-gen technologies (there’s always something new to learn and you will grow professionally), and wonderful teammates (people you can count on no matter what). It’s why I came back to this team.

8. You said you’re constantly learning. What’s the biggest lesson you learned in Q?

In my experience with other companies, I was always part of large, fixed teams, which were in charge with certain parts of an extended, long-term project. When I got to Q, I started working on medium-length or short-term projects, so I would often switch teams. It was a bit difficult in the beginning – adjusting and everything, but my teammates made it feel like a breeze. In short, my biggest lesson was to embrace change – don’t fear it because almost every time it happens it leads to something good.

9. What was your dream job growing up?

I didn’t dream of a job in particular, but ever since I “discovered” the computer, I wanted any IT job – like network administrator/support IT.

10. Who do you admire most?

I don’t admire a specific person. I admire accomplishments done by various people.

11. Give one prediction of 10 years from now

First human departure to Mars.

12. What’s your favorite favorite gadget or app

I’m a smartwatch guy – I love getting all the information I need right here, on my wrist.

13. Name 1-2 hobbies and why you prefer them

PC/Consoles gaming and watching TV series and movies with my family. They help me manage stress and have a good mental health.

Want to work with Silviu and bring your own value to new exciting projects? We’ve got a Test Automation Engineer opening, plus some more vacancies. Our recruitment experience happens entirely online. You’re welcome to email our HR teammates Gabriela Bombarascu and Ioana Groseanu – they’re fast and fabulous.