Q Team drives digital innovation together with Mercedes-Benz
Q Team drives digital innovation together with Mercedes-Benz

Q Team drives digital innovation together with Mercedes-Benz

For more than a decade, we’ve been helping companies delight customers and empower employees with high-growth digital products and experiences.  It’s been an exciting adventure, with a lot of winding paths, changing gears, and hard U-turns. But however big the challenges, it was our top-notch, audacious, resilient team that’s been leading the way at speed.

We owe our success to their drive to harness technology to solve problems and improve lives. So we’re constantly looking for ways to empower them  with life experiences that mirror their best features and greatest passions.

In 2018, we found in the Mercedes-Benz experience the same appreciation that Qualitancers have for technology and experience design, ownership and autonomy, customer empathy and velocity.

So what better way to reward our high performers?

Qualitancers on a Mercedes-Benz driving break

Q team on a Mercedes-Benz driving break

Together with Autoklass Sud, we built a solid partnership that has been rewarding our top talents with top automotive experiences to this day. For two years, we have made available the latest premium Mercedes-Benz models so people can enjoy in their daily life the same top-notch experience they build for our customers and their end-users.

As a result of this partnership, our team benefits from the latest Mercedes-Benz premium models, delivered to them the same way they deliver to clients: with 0 friction.

The partnership program between Qualitance and Autoklass Sud covers fully all maintenance, service, repair, breakdown, insurance, so our team can benefit from a premium experience with zero hassle, and can focus on what they do best: create amazing, breakthrough technology solutions for the most exciting business challenges.

Want to join our team on a new adventure? We’ve got exciting new projects and openings, our recruitment experience happens entirely online. You’re welcome to email our HR teammates Gabriela Bombarascu and Ioana Groseanu – they’re fast and fabulous.