How do self-driving cars change society?
How do self-driving cars change society?

How do self-driving cars change society?


The revolution of driving is happening. We will have 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020. Large automotive companies such as Tesla, Ford, and Volvo have already produced their autonomous vehicles (AVs). But what are the implications of the self-driving car? Have we thought this through? Dig into the pro & against approach below.

With 21 states in the US allowing self-driving cars, a giant lunchbox on wheels that has just been launched, and lots of AV advancements appearing each day, there is no doubt the world is changing. We’re building a world of machines and robots, for the sake of an easier and better life.

But are we prepared for self-driving cars?

Opinions on autonomous vehicles are mixed. And there are reasons to be so. Besides the massive change of people’s habits inside a car, moral issues are not to be ignored. We think of humans as ethical decision-makers. Can AI replace our capacities as moral agents? We gathered the most frequent concerns about driverless cars, we also asked our experts and we share their thoughts with you.

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