QUALITANCE welcomes Java and Angular interns to the EvoByte Junior Developers Accelerator
QUALITANCE welcomes Java and Angular interns to the EvoByte Junior Developers Accelerator

QUALITANCE welcomes Java and Angular interns to the EvoByte Junior Developers Accelerator

We’re always aiming high when it comes to what we do and who we are as a team. On that thought, we’re aware that we can only accomplish our mission of making software more human with a team of highly skilled and passionate people, who make continuous learning a priority.

People are the beating heart of everything that we as a company have accomplished throughout the years. So it makes all the more sense to support the people on our team to leverage their potential. It’s deeply rooted in our culture that continuous learning is a constant necessity, regardless of the professional level and especially in an industry like ours. That’s why you’ll constantly see us do internal training programmes, e-learning classes open to the general public, or internships such as the latest.

Why you should join the EvoByte Junior Developers Accelerator

We teamed up with SPOR (Scoala pentru Oameni Responsabili) for the EvoByte Junior Developers Accelerator programme to help young people with a passion for software development get a good start in this industry. It’s an accelerated way of learning-by-doing for all those who are about to become programming-graduates or just have a genuine passion and interest towards algorithms, software development and emerging tech.

QUALITANCE is offering 10 internship slots (2 teams x 5 passionate people each) for those who want to specialize in Java & Spring Boot + Angular. Each practice slot comes with an intern reward of €500*. At the end of the internship, those whose skills, talent, and drive match ours, and of course, would like to join the QUALITANCE team, will be offered a permanent position.

The EvoByte Junior Developers Accelerator takes place online & offline between April and June this year and provides students with:

  • 125 hours of teaching, mentoring and direct assistance classes;
  • 25 hours of collateral training (Product & Project Management, QA, Personal Branding);
  • 275 hours of individual and team practice on various projects;
  • the real-feel of building an app from scratch alongside seniors, who are very likely to be your teammates on your first job.

University professors Vlad Ionescu and Alexandru Oancea will hold theory classes and provide interns with practical support, and our very own competency leaders Radu Dalbea and Alex Krancevik will guide them through the practical stage, helping them develop an actual software solution from scratch using Java Spring & Angular.

Here’s how you can join the EvoByte Junior Developers Accelerator:

  1. Apply here with your Linkedin profile by April 3rd;
  2. If you get selected, take the practical assessment test;
  3. If you nail the practical test too, by April 10th you will be invited to a final interview;
  4. If the interview also goes well, in early April you will start your internship, which will keep you busy until the end of June.

We encourage all those interested to become experts in a particular area of software development or a specific technology, to consider this internship as an actual step forward that enhances their technical skillset and a real-feel of what it means to be part of a technical team, of how you collaborate with your teammates, how you deliver on your responsibilities and so much more.

We all started somewhere, we all started small, but not all of us had a team to help us grow. Throughout the years, in QUALITANCE we’ve developed a learning culture which means not just investing in interns (many of whom are now “veterans” in our software development, business development, or HR teams) but also in recurrent internal training programmes such as Alpha Camps, where teammates take turn in diving deep into relevant topics like software design patterns, negotiation, client communication, our delivery framework, etc.

Since 2012 we’ve remained close to the world of education, by partnering with the Academy of Economic Studies – The Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, where our colleagues have been teaching and sharing their actual and practical knowledge about software quality assurance at the “E-Business” Master programme.

So if you’re wondering whether QUALITANCE is the place to start your software development journey, or not, wonder no more. We’re here to guide you from day one so you can soon become the expert that the team can rely on to ship a new feature, component or product. The first thing you need to do is enroll here by April 3rd.

* Later edit: For clarification purposes, only the students who complete the practice stage and succeed in getting an intern position in QUALITANCE will be offered a 500E bonus for their dedication to the program and proven potential as QUALITANCERs.