QUALITANCE & LaunchPodium are joining forces
QUALITANCE & LaunchPodium are joining forces

QUALITANCE & LaunchPodium are joining forces

How we're integrating a San Francisco based startup

For the past several years, we’ve had the privilege to work with some of the world’s leading companies and help them create true innovation. We had the luck to encounter some amazing brands. They embraced and leveraged the two pillars of innovation thinking – rapid prototyping and design thinking. Yet one other recurring element kept popping up: technology. And now, after several years of working together, we’re excited to announce QUALITANCE is joining forces with Launch Podium to deliver innovation projects that intrinsically tie these three core elements together: rapid prototyping, design thinking, and next-generation technologies.

Launch Podium will become the Innovation Labs for QUALITANCE.

This means that with their help, we will have the ability to deliver world class experiences with emerging next-generation technologies via our 180+ engineers and developers.

“With Launch Podium joining the QUALITANCE family, we’re able to combine the power of innovation with emerging technologies. We believe this is how the leading products and services of the future will be created.”

Ioan Iacob, Managing Partner QUALITANCE

In the fast-shifting world of today, in a world that goes through unprecedented social and technological disruptions, innovation needs to become as reliable and risk-free as the software the engineers and architects at QUALITANCE build. This is why our mission is to put innovation in action. Helping companies create breakthrough experiences with emerging technologies.

This means cutting-edge innovation programs and deep learning programs for long lasting transformation.

“We’re looking forward to sharing the practice of innovation with our clients all over the globe. With the amazing engineering talent and firepower of QUALITANCE we now have a new opportunity to deliver products and services at scale.”

Mike Parsons, CEO Launch Podium Onwards!