How 200 people won the Company of the Year award
How 200 people won the Company of the Year award

How 200 people won the Company of the Year award

At the end of January, we’ve received the Technology Company of the Year award, offered by the Romanian Association of Software Industry (ANIS). This is the most prestigious award of the software industry in Romania.

Being the Company of the Year means a big thumbs up! We were running in the finals close to other big software companies, which made the award even sweeter. Drum roll, excitement, and then there it was: we got the silverware. And when we say we, we mean every single one of the 200 people that make team QUALITANCE. 

How did we manage to get here? What does it really take to be the Company of the Year? We share our story below.

Q team assumed the mission to be the greatest example of engineering and innovation in Romania

qualitance-company-yearOur aim is to build impactful and relevant solutions, designed to change people’s lives for the better. We are honored by the Company of the Year award offered by ANIS. We couldn’t have make it without the support of our team, who assumed the mission to be the greatest example of engineering and innovation in Romania”, stated Radu Constantinescu, Managing Partner QUALITANCE.

What’s our winning formula?

Sure, you might be thinking the answer is large amounts of work, and we won’t deny it. Besides this, there are some unwritten, efficient habits we’ve developed in time.

It takes thirst for innovation.

At the beginning of 2016, we launched our innovation practice, helping clients develop innovative software products and services using emerging technologies – internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, computer vision. A unique offering anywhere on the planet.

And our innovation practice has already been recognized by other groups. Last year, Business Magazine recognized QUALITANCE, for the 2nd year in a row, as one of the most innovative companies in Romania. Also, we were rewarded at Global Innovation Gala for the extraordinary results in using emerging technology and innovation worldwide.

It takes dedication.

qualitance-company-yearNothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, Ralph Waldo Emerson said. We would add loving what you do leads to success. And we have here some of the most talented and passionate developers! While in Russia, our team worked around the clock to bring the best version of the next VR experience to life. Bitter cold and 4 feet of Moscow snow is not stopping them!

It takes good coffee.

We need energy for each of the breakthrough ideas that crosses our minds. Some freshly ground coffee usually does the work. And we never run out of our magic potion. Just imagine: we drink more than 1800 liters of coffee a year and we are emotionally attached to our dozens of cute & funny coffee mugs. We know, this sounds like sweet addiction.

If we look back at 2016, we realize our company has changed for the good in so many ways. We joined forces with the San Francisco-based startup company LaunchPodium. We gave our input into helping the environment through the “Let’s Do It, Romania!” app. We had Dan Cautis talking about a hot topic: transhumanism. We traveled the world for some of the most innovative projects you will be hearing about soon.

We’re looking forward to 2017. We’re only just getting started…wait till you see our latest VR project for one of the world’s biggest retailers. AMAZING!

ANIS are a really big deal

They focus on promoting Romania as a regional leader for software development. Moreover, they put our country in the spotlight as an established exporter for high quality software products and services. The association annually awards the most innovative software companies with the most valuable awards in the industry (the CSR Program of the Year, the Startup of the Year, the Software Product of the Year award & so on).