QLABS: empowering employee innovation
QLABS: empowering employee innovation

QLABS: empowering employee innovation

Today we’re excited to talk about our incubator – QLABS which we have launched two weeks ago. The program will take winning business ideas from Qualitancers and transform them into products and companies. We know starting a business is intimidating and we have put together a program to minimize some of the starting friction.

Find out how these Qualitancers will change the world…

Co-founder Ioan Iacob“We want to offer Qualitancers opportunities in multiple directions and support them in pursuing these opportunities. We want to help our guys build things they are passionate about and we want to share as much of the experience we have from building QUALITANCE. It’s also important to stimulate initiative and innovation in the local IT community, and encourage people to put their best ideas to work. There’s still a lot of talent trapped, and one thing we constantly do at Q is find new ways to unleash that talent.“ QUALITANCE CEO, Ioan Iacob.

In the beginning was the Idea

Anyone from the QUALITANCE team can submit a product idea to QLABS. The founder must be a Qualitancer, but they can be joined by co-founders from outside of the company.

Giving wings to great ideas

Here’s a look at how we help prepare their ideas for Pitch Day and, hopefully, QLABS:

    A Qualitancer has a great idea for a product or service. They create an account and submit the idea to QLABS.

  1. On July 4th, QUALITANCE will organize a Rapid Prototyping Day, where participants can join and prototype their ideas using QUALITANCE infrastructure (hardware, software, office space). Once their idea is materialized, they submit the results to QLABS.
  2. Once all of the ideas have been collected, employees of QUALITANCE may participate in a crowd vote to determine the top 10 ideas.
  3. These 10 founding teams are supported in building a business plan and given mentorship from the QLABS Board to develop their visions.
  4. On July 27th, these top 10 ideas are presented at Pitch Day where the QLABS Board will vote for the top 3 ideas.
  5. These 3 ideas begin their journey into developing their products and getting funded!

What does winning look like?

So, three ideas have passed the finish line and are officially in QLABS! What happens now? The founding teams will start working hard to get to their MVP, of course. But they will do so in the new QUALITANCE office work spaces. The QLABS Board will be available to provide guidance and feedback on aspects ranging from product and technology roadmap to sales, marketing, finance and operations. Florentina EnciuThey will be able to use and abuse the QUALITANCE technologies and technology assets and ask for help from their mentors.

After reaching MVP, the QLABS Board and QUALITANCE will facilitate connections with investors and VCs, help each founding team prepare for their pitching sessions and fund their participation as well as help them apply for funding and grants.

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