Team Spotlight | Naturalness as a person: Oana
Team Spotlight | Naturalness as a person: Oana

Team Spotlight | Naturalness as a person: Oana

When you meet Oana, you feel at ease, like you’d know her since forever. She’s kind, natural, and very optimistic. Her friendly attitude defines the relationships with her colleagues. And they decided – she’s the one who masters naturalness in our team. Don’t let the calm manner fool you – a wild and brave passion lays deep inside Oana: aviation. She loves flying – the 18ft glider is her passport to mastery. Find out her entire story below.

What do you do in Q?

I’ve been working in call centers, and since 2014 I came to QUALITANCE. I’ve started working on two different projects, as a Technical Support Agent, then Project Officer and now Transition Project Manager. I grew step by step; it’s been a beautiful evolution.

Describe your everyday work.

I schedule interviews for people in IBM that are going to work for our clients; I make sure that compliance documents are OK, all signed and agreed. After the documentation is ready, the person can start working for that client.

What’s the golden rule as a Transition Project Manager?

Discipline. Since it’s a bureaucratic work, you can’t jump over steps. Also, good communication between clients and people working in IBM is important, to align all needs and requests.

In Q I had the chance to learn new things and prove I can do more – have calls with the managers, attend trainings in Munich.

It’s your third year in Q. How did you change in all this time?

I grew a lot, socially and professionally. First I had a technical role, then the team leader proposed me to shift to a Project Officer position. This way, I became more organized, more understanding and persuasive. I had the chance to learn new things and prove I can do more (have calls with the managers, attend international trainings, at BMW and IBM Munich). It helped me gain more self-confidence and trust from others. As a People Manager, I have the chance to meet many people that I wouldn’t meet otherwise, even if we’re working in the same building.

What naturalness mean to you?

Being spontaneous. I do what I feel it’s right at the moment. I’m relaxed and energetic at the same time. I think this helps.

photo oana alexandrescuWhat’s your daily routine? with a good friend and colleague; we discuss what’s new;
2.check the priorities of the day: calendar, meetings, calls;
3.start working; our new colleague – he’s going to be the next Project Officer;, work, work; it’s like a carousel – there are days loaded with work, and others a bit more relaxed.

What helps you focus?

My music – Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar – something that can chill me and keep me on the track. I can’t work in complete silence.

What does a perfect day look like to you?

It includes nature, sun, and beach. I would work for around 4 hours, somewhere close to the sea. I would cook – I love trying all kinds of new recipes. After working and cooking, I’d go to the beach and relax. Perfection!

Being up in the air = LOVE

How do you unwind?

I love traveling and flying. Last year I took a glider ride. I flew from Tuzla above the Black Sea for about 30 minutes. In April this year, I flew over Rasnov. It’s sensational. You just watch the view and take a deep breath. You feel like a bird, and it’s safe and enjoyable. Me and my boyfriend share this passion for flying. Plus, we’re tempted now of Formula 1. We visited Barcelona in May to see the race.

What’s your life quote?

“Don’t chase people. Be an example. Attract them. Work hard and be yourself. The people that belong in your life will find you and stay.” One of my good friends, Aliz, told me that some time ago. We see each other rarely – she lives in Baia Mare; it’s always a pleasure.


Would you rather…

 1. win an Oscar or win the Nobel Prize?
Win an Oscar.

2. wear a ski suit all the time / go everywhere barefoot?
I’ll go everywhere barefoot. The beach is the best escape anyone can have.

3. write a book or paint a picture?
Write a book.

4. date a mermaid or date an angel?
I’d date a mermaid while sailing away on Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl together with my fiancé.

5. go for chocolate or vanilla?

6. be able to travel at light speed or be able to read minds?
Be able to read minds. I’d love to be more intuitive, know people better at first sight.

7. choose iOS or Android?

8. have a vacation in New York or a vacation in Tokyo?
Have a vacation in New York.

9. be dreamy or pragmatic?
Both. Pragmatic at work; dreamy in my spare time.

10. see the future or change the past?
See the future. In this way, I will be able to avoid unpleasant situations, choose better and wisely.


You’ve already met four of our Magnificent Six – Oana, who masters naturalness, Andrei, who loves sharing knowledge, Radu, who knows how to listen, and Dragos, who takes full responsibility for his work. We’ve got to show you the two other colleagues who best represent Q values: the one who builds trust and the person who constantly aims high. Stay close to find out their stories!