How QUALITANCE helped DSU gain time with the medEasy app
How QUALITANCE helped DSU gain time with the medEasy app

How QUALITANCE helped DSU gain time with the medEasy app

A physician’s time is precious. A couple of seconds can make the difference in a critical situation. That’s why the QUALITANCE team took the responsibility and built medEasy, the mobile app which saves time for residents.

The app we created for the Department of Emergency Situations (DSU) simplifies the process of reporting medical procedures. During residency, a young doctor has to complete more than 100 required procedures. Some of them are repetitive, so it can become a struggle to keep them in mind and report them at the end of the day. The medEasy app works as a reminder – users know exactly which procedures they’ve done and which ones follow.

Saving up to 25 minutes a day

Using the actual system, a resident doctor spends around two minutes per day to register some procedures. With medEasy, he can report the same number of executions in just 40 seconds. This means around 25 more minutes daily to take care of the patients in need. Just imagine: emergency residents all over the country gain thousands of minutes a day to ease or even save lives.

The app gives people flexibility. No more need for laptop or desktop. They can register a procedure right after they complete it, with a few taps on their phones. They can access the history of each procedure and report a group of processes at once. The product also brings a big plus for the attending physicians. They get notifications each time one of their residents states a procedure, and they can monitor and validate the actions much faster.

medEasy, the fruit of a hackathon

medeasy-appWe built the solution pro bono for the Department of Emergency Services (DSU) in Romania, after the eHealth Hackathon we attended in 2016. At that time, our colleagues Adriana, Andrei and Serban have been guided by emergency physicians to develop the prototype for medEasy.

Bringing the prototype to an end during the hackathon has been a significant challenge for the back end guys. “We had the ambition to develop a working product in only a few hours. It was a tremendous effort for us, but in the end, when the jury picked our application, it was well worth it”, states Andrei, back end dev.

The residents’ main complaints were that the old system of reporting procedures is too hard to use, the login is complicated, so they need an easier and faster platform to do that. “For a whole Saturday, we worked on our idea. We made prototypes on paper and then tested them with residents. They gave us input, we implemented it and then tested them again, after writing the code”, recalls Adriana, Business Analyst.

We consistently focused on the user experience. We kept in mind that the app has to help residents report their executions faster.

Adriana, Business Analyst

To prove our solution, we showed how the app is saving time with a very specific example. “We asked a resident physician to register five procedures in the old system, and we filmed him. Then he did the same thing using our prototype, and we filmed him again. The conclusion: with the old platform, he spent almost two minutes on reporting the execution. The new app allowed him to register the same amount of procedures in just 40 seconds. This was our pitch”, explained Adriana.

It was one of the winning ideas at the hackathon. It’s not its complexity that convinced the doctors, but its necessity and functionality. “We consistently focused on the user experience. The purpose was to build an app that is clean and very simple to use. We kept in mind that it has to help residents report their executions faster”, added Adriana.

The will to help the community

medeasy-radu-constantinescuTechnology can bring a change in the world. And we’re ready to prove it anytime. We already have a tradition in designing products that serve medical institutions. “It’s the second healthcare project that we build, following an app which detects cardiovascular disorders in real time. The partnership with DSU reconfirms our objective to create solutions that impact the world”, said Radu Constantinescu, Managing Partner QUALITANCE.

What’s for future?

The medEasy app is now available only for emergency residents; it can be adapted to any other medical specialization. Soon, many residents in Romania will take advantage of the fast & easy registration of procedures thanks to the new way of reporting medical executions.

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