Master design thinking with BottomUp Skills podcast
Master design thinking with BottomUp Skills podcast

Master design thinking with BottomUp Skills podcast

Design thinking is a problem-solving tool which focuses on empathy, experimentation, and learning from mistakes. Our BottomUp Skills podcast series breaks down design thinking into 13 bite-sized episodes under 15 minutes, helping you learn on the go. 

1. What is design thinking

Learn how to design new products using empathy. Find out how to talk to users, discover what they need, and build your product stories based on their insights.

2.  Airbnb and Customer Experience

Uncover how Airbnb uses design thinking to build trust with customers. 

3. Airbnb and Employee Experience 

Find out how Airbnb re-imagined human resources

4. User segmentation and personas

Explore how to define users and customers through 4 powerful lenses: demographics, psychographics, behaviour and geography. Learn how to use personas to bring to life user’s stories.

5. Validating problem-solution fit through the user’s pains 

The Value Proposition Canvas helps you ensure that your product or service is aligned with customer values and needs.  Discover how using this tool clears the path to building products and services customers love. 

6. Creating design challenges for your product

Learn how to create design challenges that enable you to gather relevant product insights and incorporate them into product development.

7. Rapid prototyping to quickly test your product

While prototyping, solving one problem often raises other questions that need to be answered, creating opportunities for innovation. This episode teaches you how to use a prototype to test and validate new ideas, and when to use diagnostic, stimulus and experience prototypes. 

8. Defining your primary product feature

Selecting your primary product feature can be tough. When you need to pick just one idea, sifting through research data and interviews tends to get overwhelming. Learn how to make a better feature choice.

9. Mapping the user journey

The user journey is one of your key resources when creating a product. Learn how to map what users think, feel and do, so you can build products and experiences that delight them.

10. Making an inventory of product themes, epics, and user stories

User stories save you from drowning in product features. Discover how to organise your product into a system that both technical and business teams can easily understand.

11. Understanding the business logic of your product

Fulfilling the business requirements of your product can be a painstaking process. Learn how to define business requirements that enable you to build a viable product.

12. How to test your product with recruits

Testing your product ideas is essential. It takes the guessing out of what to do next on the journey to launch. Find out how you can test your product and get some signal through the noise.

13. How to share your product insights

How do you create alignment within a product team? You can share your testing insights to get everyone on the same page. Learn how to tell your product story.


About BottomUp Skills

BottomUp Skills is the e-learning platform created and supported by the QUALITANCE global thought-leadership team for innovators, makers, and creatives who want to sharpen their skills in innovation, design thinking, and technology. Usually, such courses are exclusive to our clients such as Ford Motor Company, News Corp Australia, Breville, and many others around the world. Now, we have opened the paid subscription courses and made them available to everyone for life.