A look around our neighborhood
A look around our neighborhood

A look around our neighborhood

Over the last couple weeks, we have learned a lot about what happens inside the QUALITANCE offices, now it’s time to step outside and get to know the bustling neighborhood it inhabits. We polled several members of the staff and asked them to submit their favorite shops, tasty treats and hangouts in the area. To make sure we got the whole scoop, we sent a couple of undercover agents (Sorana + Ioana) out to test these claims and determine if each location was really the best. Whether you are looking for the best coffee in Bucharest or simply a place to take a break, these hotspots will not let you down!

Come on! Let’s go for a walk…

Best Coffee in Town: French Bakery

French Bakery is home to, as Sorana puts it, “the best and creamiest cappuccino in town”. There are quite a few locations in Bucharest, and each one boasts with freshly made, never frozen, pastries and desserts. The smell of fresh coffee invites many QUALITANCE employees to come in and grab a hot drink or a treat on their way to work.

What to Order: Cappuccino, Muffin aux bananes and amande, Cake genoise au chocolat

Best Place to Browse: Carturesti Carusel

Carturesti Carusel is, hands down, a unique place to go shopping in Bucharest. It is located a few blocks from the QUALITANCE offices and contains six floors of cultural, culinary and literary wonders. Whether you are searching for the perfect pencil holder for your desk or wandering through the bookshelves looking for a new great read, Carturesti is your place.

Insider Tip: Is your desk looking a little bleak? At Carturesti Carusel, you will find the most hip mugs and office supplies in town!

Best Bite: Bocca Lupo

Bocca Lupo is an unconventional and fun gastronomical experience. The menu contains traditional Italian fare with some modern liberties. You would never expect a chef to cook from inside of a Fiat car, but at Bocca Lupo, they do!

Lunch Hour Tip: Bocca Lupo has great service that is fast enough to get you seated and well fed during your lunch break. It is a great place to take your next lunch meeting.

Best Cultural Gem: Opera House

The Opera House is a beautiful building and, in fact, the inside is even more beautiful than the outside! The massive white walls house some of the finest performances in the world. Most of the performances begin at 19:00 and there are many shows that take place during the week. This is a great place for a post-work date night!

Event this Month: May 28th at 19:00  // Tango. Radio and Juliet. A Coupé-performance of contemporary dance

Best Place for After-Work Cocktails: Energiea

Energiea is a hotspot in the Bucharest bar scene and their modern mix of contemporary and vintage creates a welcoming atmosphere for young hipsters to sophisticated business people alike. The location was converted from a printing house at the beginning of the century to a chic gastro-pub, maintaining many of the building’s historical aspects. The beautiful outdoor terrace is a great place to relax, catch up with friends and sample one of the bar’s famous cocktails.

Insider Tip: Ride your bike to work? Energiea allows you to store your bike on their outdoor terrace while you enjoy food and drinks.