Learning from Leading Innovators: Moonshots LIVE from Bucharest
Learning from Leading Innovators: Moonshots LIVE from Bucharest

Learning from Leading Innovators: Moonshots LIVE from Bucharest


Remember Musk’s decision to open up the Tesla patents for the advancement of the electric vehicle technology? Or IBM’s $ 1 billion investment in the open-source Linux community? That’s what true innovators do – they give back. Because they know that the power to discover and build grows out of the resources that people can access. Unsurprisingly, that’s also how the age of learning platforms started. With people realizing that global progress no longer feeds on closed, proprietary information, but on open and accessible ecosystems of technology and knowledge.

We know that learning is an innovation driver

Whether it’s made by individuals or large organizations, each contribution to building and supporting such collaborative learning systems matters. Especially in innovation. Where there’s no true path, yet there’s constant need for constructive sharing and continuous learning from the trials, errors and breakthroughs of innovative organizations and leaders.

For that purpose, we at QUALITANCE are excited to support yet another outlet for learning –  Moonshots LIVE from Bucharest. This relaxed and engaging talk show on innovation, thought leadership, productivity and life harmony will feature four leading innovators from Romania:

The talk show, live streamed on Facebook from the QUALITANCE Headquarters on March 15th, starting 5 PM EET, is part of the energizing Moonshots – Adventures in Innovation podcast program created by Mike Parsons and Chad Owen.

We want to give back to the innovation community

In its usual format, the Moonshots podcast goes behind the scenes of the world’s greatest innovators to discover the secrets to their success. In each episode, QUALITANCE Chief Innovation Officer Mike Parsons and documentary storyteller Chad Owen deconstruct the skills and behaviors that define breakthrough business ideas created by the likes of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos and by outstanding emerging talents around the world.

In 2017, the Moonshots podcast hosts came up with a localized approach and set up a live streamed show in Amsterdam. Together with preeminent business leaders and marketers from the Dutch private sector, Mike and Chad tackled testing and learning, transparency, agility at scale as well as the role of empathy in customer-employee interactions.

The purpose of this localized format, that the QUALITANCE team is excited to host, is to shortcut the innovation and knowledge transfer from local and global business innovation leaders to the community. That’s something we at QUALITANCE have also been supporting for the past 10 years.

Through live streaming, the Moonshots LIVE from Bucharest event stands as an open, easy-to-access platform where leaders of ingenious local startups, organizations and corporations offer guidance and share valuable insights on the innovation strategies they implemented. It’s our way of enabling the business community to learn straight from the source and thus navigate this disruptive age more effectively.

More on the hosts of Moonshots LIVE from Bucharest

Mike Parsons plays at the intersection of technology, innovation and storytelling. The crossroads of Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue. Currently, Mike is the Chief Innovation Officer at QUALITANCE, emerging technology and innovation firm. His career with innovation has taken him across the globe – Sydney, Amsterdam, London and San Francisco.

Chad Owen specializes in documentary storytelling for disruptors and innovators. He’s been fortunate to work with the Sundance Film Festival, IDEO.org, Nike and Google. He wants to live in a world where everyone has at least one great story to tell, chivalry isn’t dead and breakfast tacos are plentiful.

Stay tuned for our next blog post featuring a profile on the guests of the Moonshots LIVE from Bucharest. Until then, feel free to join our FB event and get updates on the broadcast.