An inside view of the internship program
An inside view of the internship program

An inside view of the internship program

Our Summer Internship feels like a startup accelerator

As our new internship program is about to kick off, we wanted to share the thinking behind the program. Most internship programs focus on technology skills and covering the gap from academic skills to workplace skills.  We believe that’s a valid point – but we also believe there’s one important aspect that gets overlooked: helping students bridge the gap from a high-performance academic environment culture to a high-performance company work culture. Open Source, Agile, Rapid Prototyping, Design Thinking – these are all thought frameworks that change how we, as a society, will collaborate and work together.  This is why for our internship program it’s important to help build technical skills while planting the seeds for the culture of the future of work. And here’s how we do it.

1. Moving at high speed

We integrate our people right into the internship teams and promote both practical and theoretical knowledge. Working alongside seasoned QUALITANCE team members gives interns the chance to learn about the latest technologies – but also about Agile and rapid prototyping:

2. Discover Your Path

Pushing yourself to new limits is often the only way to understanding your real potential. And in order to keep up with an ever-changing industry, people must be flexible and willing to try something new. We expose our interns to the many options they have within this industry – and beyond – and we encourage them to work on a variety of projects to see where their talents and passions best fit.

3. Don’t just build it, own it!

During the program all interns have the chance to take their business and technology ideas to the next level. With direction from the QUALITANCE trainers, interns can design and build their own ideas. And staying true to our belief in Open Source and owning things that you build,  the program is our interns keep  the rights to their ideas after the program is complete and get to take it further as they see fit. ” The thing that I liked the most was that, since the beginning of the internship, the teachers integrated among us to help us work as a team and develop two applications.” – Razvan

4. People enjoying what they do is essential to a workplace

It’s people who make software, not robots – and many tend to forget that.  We are social creatures, and we want to work together on things that are meaningful for us, that create an impact on matters that are important for us, and to become better at what we do each day.  What we work on is what we contribute with to the world – and that is what drives us.
QUALITANCE creates agile learning built to launch interns into their future, and into the future of work. With real project experience and help from our tech professionals, interns get an early taste of the software  field. Hands-on experience with cutting edge technology, the most progressive thought frameworks, lets these interns to grow in both their understanding and skills.


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