How I work: Delia & Sebastian
How I work: Delia & Sebastian

How I work: Delia & Sebastian

You could call Delia Popescu and Sebastian Dominte diplomats of QUALITANCE. As a diplomat bounces between countries, you can find them bridging two companies: QUALITANCE and IBM.

Delia and Sebastian are not the only ones playing this diplomatic role. QUALITANCE has around 100 employees working directly with other companies teams, acting as QUALITANCE ambassadors. Such a diplomat’s role requires excellent communication skills, reliability, dedication and commitment daily.

As for Delia and Sebastian, you’ll find them at IBM’s offices working on IBM’s Development Support Team (DST) and Project Services Team. Delia’s day is spent studying and implementing Cloud solutions, as well as configuring and managing Cloud environments. On the other hand, Sebastian, a psychology major, which you’ll find solving IBM Program Work Center issues, creating reports and customizing programs.

Working remotely alongside IBM’s team as QUALITANCE experts requires a unique skillset. Despite them both sharing a strong social and collaborative approach, they have very different techniques and approaches that help them succeed. They both have access to a variety of go-to tools and software – ranging from RedHat to Notepad ++.

But when it comes to music, they’re dancing to very different beats. Delia gets inspiration from Kenny Rogers and Sebastian gets his flow from some sultry Massive Attack songs. Take a look at how their every-day workflow helps make them key parts of the QUALITANCE and IBM operating system.

How I Work - Delia & Sebastian

Delia Popescu

Delia implements IBM Cloud solutions, tests their functionality and offers support when needed. Her role at both QUALITANCE and IBM requires her to keep up-to-date with the technologies required for new developments at all times.

What is your preferred work style?

Starting my day with a cup of black coffee is a MUST. I don’t enjoy working from home because I work better in a social environment. I prefer working in an open space, where I can brainstorm with others and have the occasional fun break. My backup would definitely have to be a quiet café with smooth, relaxing music and, of course, my black coffee!

What is something unique that you always have on your desk?

Some people have teddy bears, favorite cups, or lucky coins — but me, I have my delicious Kinder Penguins. They’re my weakness and never fail to make my day. I try to keep my desk simple but I always have my sweets close by.

What are you reading right now?

Right now, I’m reading Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s a great book, which I enjoy reading before bed. If you liked watching the movies and the TV series, you’ll love the book.

What apps, software or tools have changed your life?

It’s wasn’t just a piece of software that changed my life but an Operating System. It all started with Ubuntu, when I was in college. I loved it, and I always wanted more. I’m not a big fan of Ubuntu anymore but I love RedHat distros. And I’m still using Linux (especially Nessus on Kali Linux for penetration testing). I guess you could say my tastes have changed a bit! I’m always looking for the next best thing.

What are your professional goals for the future?

Everyday you learn something new, gain more experience and things can change. Right now, I aim to learn more on Cloud platforms, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Linux.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone with the desire to work in your field?

Try new technologies, learn as much as you can and if you don’t have anything to do, find something to learn, because there is so much new material out there to get to know. And of course, have fun doing so!

What are the best parts of working with IBM teams?

IBM is a professional environment, with skilled peers, thus resulting in a great combination. Moreover, it’s a fun place to be on a daily basis.

Sebastian Dominte

Sebastian provides support and consultancy for the IBM Program Work Center application, which is IBM’s strategic Project and Program Management tool. His daily tasks include providing support to IPWC users and performing consultancy activities for various accounts.

What is your preferred work style?

I am definitely NOT a morning person. This is why I usually enjoy taking the late shift on my projects. I do my best work just after having my first cup of coffee at the office. I prefer working in quiet spaces, but I don’t mind a bit of commotion since I always have my headphones with my top 5 playlist pumping me up throughout the day.

What apps, software or tools have changed your life?

Since I’ve recently started developing reports for several accounts using a programming language specific to IBM Program Work Center, I would say that Notepad++. It’s a nifty little tool that many people overlook, but the versatility and lightness of it makes it my killer app. This text and source code editor has helped me a lot in these activities, as I can easily view and check the code.

Why do QUALITANCE and IBM make for a good pairing in the tech world?

Being one of the largest and most successful IT companies in the world, IBM has a broad range of services and areas of expertise that require skilled and resourceful professionals. It is a company that attracts smart and creative individuals to be a part of its “tribe” and also encourages these individuals to express themselves and come up with their own ideas. QUALITANCE is doing a great job in providing them those ideas that are certainly an asset to IBM and to other clients.

How do you apply your university education to your work at QUALITANCE?

Even though my education has not been IT oriented, I can still apply concepts of my degree in psychology to my daily activities. As a large part of my work involves communication with various users and resolution of their issues, active listening and counseling aids me in better understanding the issues encountered and relaying the solution in a way that is easily understood by the user.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve overcome while working at QUALITANCE?

The greatest challenge that I’ve overcome would probably be my transfer over from the administration to the support and consulting team, because while the administrative activities covered a broader area and a diverse range of applications, the support and consultancy activities have a greater degree of complexity and require a more in depth analysis.

What are your professional goals for the future?

I would like to broaden the scope of the consultancy area and take on future consultancy activities, get involved in training or people management if the opportunity arises.

What are the best parts of working with IBM teams?

The best parts of working with IBM teams are the diverse collective and the access to IBM courses and technologies.


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