QUALITANCE opens new perspectives at the Foreign Investors Summit 2018
QUALITANCE opens new perspectives at the Foreign Investors Summit 2018

QUALITANCE opens new perspectives at the Foreign Investors Summit 2018

On October 30, QUALITANCE took the stage at the Foreign Investors Summit 2018, an event designed and organized by Business Review in support of Romania’s competitiveness. QUALITANCE Co-founder Radu Constantinescu took part in the “Eyes on the Future” panel, which focused on identifying ways in which businesses can enhance Romania’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

In the company of leaders from Draxlmaier Group, Noerr Finance & Tax, RisCo Business Intelligence and Enterprise Investors, Radu Constantinescu brought to the table the innovation & tech perspective needed for a heterogeneous overview. The discussion was an opportunity for the audience to find out that, from our point of view, foreign investors should invest in Romanian businesses for at two reasons:

We create things that bring value

Solving real problems generates real value, and that is something we constantly focus on. We create revolutionary solutions, which always revolve around the customer and make use of emerging technologies.

Top engineers seek meaning in their work, hence they’re keen on building things that matter for those around. So, if the solution they’re working on contributes to the common good, that’s even more engaging for them.  

We invest in education and mentoring

We know how important it is to have access to expert advice and receive mentorship when you’re building a business. In the early days of QUALITANCE, both were hard to come by. Inspired by the advisors they met in Silicon Valley in 2012, QUALITANCE co-founders invested even more in a culture of learning, encouraging the team to grow an innovative mindset, exposing them to emerging tech, innovation frameworks and methods, international know-how.

Moreover, QUALITANCE established the ENSO Foundation, which mentors kids with a passion for software and provides them with the latest technologies and contexts that allow them to follow their imagination and express their creativity without restraints.

This year Radu Constantinescu, who is also a PhD Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, has been  involved in a professor support program developed by ANIS (Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry). The ANIS Scholarships program recognizes outstanding professors from universities across Romania and rewards them for upgrading the curriculum with  innovative classes on emerging technologies such as Big Data, Security, AI/Machine Learning, FinTech and HealthTech.

Both projects, ENSO Foundation and ANIS Scholarships, stand as a long-term investment in the technological and business education of generations to come.