How we managed to enter the Deloitte Fast 50 elite
How we managed to enter the Deloitte Fast 50 elite

How we managed to enter the Deloitte Fast 50 elite

5 elements contributing to our success

“Airbnb is worth more than Sheraton. Uber is worth more than Boeing”

How many times have you heard this lately? The average lifespan of S&P500 companies has fallen from over 50 years to only 15 in the last two decades. Ever wondered how small companies bite into huge corporate shares and get away with it?

The world is quickly changing around us – and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a program that keeps an eye on this change. The top includes the 50 fastest growing public or private technology companies that are managing to successfully deliver technological innovations which drive forward innovation, industry and business in Central Europe. And in 2015, we’re proud to be on the list. We’ve been asked what were some key elements to our growth. And while we think there’s no general recipe, and that different approaches work for different people, we’re always happy to share what has worked for us.

Commitment – We believe in responsibility towards our clients, our employees and society. Committing to the success of our clients has helped us build a solid portfolio of both Fortune 500 companies and cutting edge startups with whom we explore the far edges of technology and innovation. How many companies can actually say ”we never lost a client”? We can.

Empathy – We believe business is better when it’s more than just business. We go bonkers about understanding each of our client’s worlds and what they want to build. At the end of the day it’s people who build software and software is built for people. Many businesses tend to forget that.

Growing talent – We believe a company is only as good as its employees are and we’ve always focused on creating an environment where talent can grow. Some people need nurturing and some need not to be hindered.

Next generation technologies – Technology is not a purpose but a lever. Well, we’re engineers so technology is a purpose too, but it’s primarily a lever because the purpose of an engineer is to build solutions. We live in a world of wonderfully powerful technologies, in a world of tools that allow you to build at the speed of thought. It’s a shame not to use them so we make full use of even the most daring ones.

Innovation through methodology – We’re probably the first company in the world to implement Rapid Prototyping at scale. It’s not about building junk fast, it’s about validating (and devalidating) ideas instead of the traditional “death by Powerpoint” way of doing things. We use it in our everyday work to build, to reduce turnaround time, rework, to improve business and technology decision when  building user-centric solutions. You can read more about how transformational it has been for us so far.  


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