A day in the life: Denisa, intern
A day in the life: Denisa, intern

A day in the life: Denisa, intern

Say hello to Denisa. She’s an intern here at QUALITANCE. Our internship program is a comprehensive three week program offered to a select group of amazing university students. But what really goes on? Do they know their code? Or better still, where’s the coffee machine? To answer these questions and more, we invited her to share a typical day at QUALITANCE.

Denisa is in her second year of not one but two universities. She splits her time between studying Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics Economics at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest and Private and Public law and Rocket Science at the University of Bucharest. We’re only kidding about the Rocket Science bit. Where most of us wouldn’t find time for anything but school, she manages to make time to break some dance moves, play board games like Monopoly and Ubongo and even watch the occasional episode of House, Friends or Breaking Bad. She is also a self-proclaimed ‘weird collector’ of empty chewing gum packages and tickets from everywhere she travels. We know what she does outside of QUALITANCE, now lets take a look what she’s learning inside!

9:00 AM

Where are you?

I am a morning person so, mostly, I am usually the first who arrives at QUALITANCE office. This is nice because I am the first in line for coffee!

What are you doing?

After I enjoy my coffee, I turn on my laptop and I scroll on 9gag until my colleagues arrive. We begin with an overview of the day’s program. It’s nice because we get to alternate fields daily in order to work in both the testing field and the development one. It definitely keeps us on our toes.

What are you looking forward to learning today?

We learn something new everyday! In the morning, the testing team presents a lot of ways to perform manual testing. We learn how to write test cases and how creative we have to be in order to test every possibility. We also practice automated testing where we use tools to test, like Code Driven Testing Tools, for unit testing or GUI Test Automation Tools. Whew, that’s way too much geek speak!

What 5 things/tools are always in your bag or on your desk?

  1. In my bag I usually have the following:
  2. My fountain pen – because I don’t enjoy writing with cheap pens and I write a lot at university.
  3. My old iPod –  for my daily subway rides.
  4. My tablet – which I only use for writing courses and keeping documents for school.
  5. My car keys
  6. A law book, like the Penal Code or the Civil Code.

11:00 AM

Where are you?

After a couple of hours, we usually take a break from our computers and get outside for some fresh air and more coffee.

What are you doing?

Denisa - QUALITANCE Team

The Q-team members join us and we talk about things that we are interested in. We ask them about the company and they tell us about their past and future projects. It’s fascinating to be able to talk about life at QUALITANCE and hear what they have to say. They also like to hear about how we feel the internship is going and if they are boring us to death 🙂 The nice thing is that we are never bored!

What is one thing that has resonated with you from your learnings so far?

I loved learning about automated testing! It is a combination between programming and testing and it’s amazing how much it helps the programmers create flawless products.

12:00 PM

Where are you?

I am at my desk. This is the fun part where we get to implement the things that we learned into a functioning application.

What are you doing?

I use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js, Mongoose.js, Ionic, TestNG, Selenium. Today, I am working on a mobile application for a grocery list. It is a beginner’s application, but it’s really exciting to use a bit of everything that I have learned in the program. It went something like this – Native Wrapper -> Cordova Framework -> AngularJS -> Ionic -> My app. It was awesome!

What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

Unfortunately, our internship program is ending soon and I have to go back to school.  I am excited to continue improving my web development skills and, hopefully, meet the team again in the QUALITANCE summer internship!


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