Career reflections: Manuela, Lead Recruiter
Career reflections: Manuela, Lead Recruiter

Career reflections: Manuela, Lead Recruiter

Meet Manuela: She’s part gatekeeper, part talent scout. She’s been a key player at QUALITANCE for over four years. During that time she has mastered what makes someone a valuable part of the team and how people can get the most out of the challenge of creating world-class software.

What does QUALITANCE look for in people?

Manuela SerbanThe perfect team member for us is someone who genuinely lives and breathes our values. And by values I don’t mean the marketing slogans or the posters on the wall – you can’t breathe that! Do you stay until the job is done? Do you double-check your code? Do you take time to LISTEN to people you work with – your team, the client? Do you care whether the task is done or whether the problem is solved?

These values define us as a group and we try to find people who share this same vision and thrive in this type of culture. When we are all working towards the same thing, the software is much better. Bug free and ready to go!

Manuela’s 5 Golden Rules

  1. Know your technology After all, technology is at our core and we expect our team members to stay up-to-date on industry trends and innovations. Make sure you have in-depth knowledge of key technologies. And, please, make sure you know JSON is not the name of our CTO!
  2. Be interested in learning and teaching others As a true consulting group, our team’s function is inherently based on constant learning and sharing of knowledge. The joke runs “You never really understand something until you’ve had to explain it three times”. Our team has the opportunity to teach, whether it’s training the interns or being featured in a conference as a trainer, everyone is working towards mastery.
  3. Ask questions In order to be successful as a consultant, you need to be proficient technically, as well as have an understanding of what other people are doing.  We love questions about our company, projects and teams but we also love to be asked questions about work-life balance such as “How does the team blow off steam?” or “Do you prefer the Cherry Julep or the Raspberry Fizz from the Energiea cocktail menu?”
  4. Share your interests We want to know which technologies you are interested in working with, what projects you would love to be a part of and even what hobbies you enjoy. Do you collect gum wrappers? Are you an avid rock climber? We would love to know!
  5. Bring your passion!  It is a huge commitment to be part of an enthusiastic and fast-moving team. You have to be ‘all-in’. But it’s worth it! Because it’s incredibly fun and rewarding. We are a group of curious, driven and forward-thinking individuals. We are going to do everything in our power to make you the best you can be: great tools, learning opportunities, never-ending coffee! But it can’t be a one way deal. You’ll get back what you put in.

My QUALITANCE planner, lots of pens, my phone, my coffee cup (always full), my laptop and my stuffed bunny (it was my daughter’s and it is so cute and funny!)

What was the interview process like when you applied at QUALITANCE? Did that experience influence the way you approach hiring?

As the Lead Recruiter, the most important part of my job is finding people who are interested in our company and mission, are constantly open to learning new things and have a true passion for his/her job and skill set. When I was hired at QUALITANCE nearly five years ago, I know my drive was one of the main values, as well as dedication, positivity and commitment to never giving up. I’m sure the stuffed bunny was a crucial factor too! I look for similar qualities in those that I hire and it works because we have grown our team to nearly 150 people in just a few short years!

What tools do you recommend for job seekers interested in learning about QUALITANCE?

There are many great tools for finding a great job. I would say that the best tools for getting hired here are our careers page, LinkedIn and our blog, which tells the stories of our employees and is a great window into our daily work lives.


For more information on our current openings, visit our Job Openings page.

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