Career reflections: Ina, Operations Manager
Career reflections: Ina, Operations Manager

Career reflections: Ina, Operations Manager

This week we caught up with receptionist-turned-operations-manager, Ina Tudorache, to talk about building a career, learning new things and what it’s like to constantly surprise yourself. Ina began working at QUALITANCE in 2010 and, since then, has overseen the building of a new office, given speeches in front of crowds and still manages to find time to travel and explore Europe! Let’s take a look at her remarkable journey.

Apprentice // Receptionist + Office Manager (2010-2011)

I heard about the job opening through a close friend of QUALITANCE. I sent my resume and waited until the phone finally rang! It’s funny because Alina, the HR Manager, called me for an interview the day I had accepted a job offer at one of the big corporations. QUALITANCE was still a small company, but something felt too good about it to pass up. I went through a thorough interview process and eventually had my last interview with Ioan and Radu. I guess they liked me since the rest is history!

Biggest Challenge

There had been significant changes happening within the company and these changes impacted my role and responsibilities. The nice thing was that I never got bored, but that also meant that I always had to be on my toes and ready for things to change at a moment’s notice.

Biggest Learning

I learned that it’s important to be an information and knowledge sponge. Just because a piece of information may not apply to you at the moment doesn’t mean that it could not come in handy later on. Everything is connected. Listen and learn!


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ina

  • She loves traveling, especially around Europe. She is heading to Barcelona next!
  • Riding horses is her newest hobby!
  • She loves to play ‘Mafia’ with friends – it has become a QUALITANCE Beer Thursday Favorite!
  • She has a designer handbag addiction.
  • She once dressed up as Ugly Betty for Halloween and her costume was so good that no one recognized her!

Driver // Operations Lead (2011-2013)

The day that I was promoted to Operations Lead, I had also interviewed for a position in the marketing department. That day was pivotal for me because it was exactly then when I decided on my career path. I have never looked back!

Biggest Challenge

In 2012, I had to give my first speech ever and it was in front of the entire QUALITANCE team (60 people!) for the All Hands 2012 Edition. I was so nervous. I was sure that I was going to forget my speech or trip or something. I went up and delivered it with confidence. This is something I love about my work at QUALITANCE, I have so many opportunities to surprise myself with undiscovered abilities.

Biggest Learning

I realized the importance of never giving up. Every time you feel overwhelmed by tons of requests or demands, take a deep breath and be proud. You wouldn’t be given the opportunity if you were not equipped to handle it. This is the most empowering feeling there is.

Associate // Operations Manager (2013-Present)

My work now involves a little bit of everything I have learned during my different job positions at QUALITANCE. It’s true that you build a career and grow with every new experience and challenge. I can say that my position has always been chameleonic because my responsibilities were dynamic and diverse. Over the years I have taken on all kinds of new responsibilities including administrative, payroll, legal, business controls, marketing and organizing events. I am truly a Jane-of-all-trades!

Biggest Challenge

It was definitely the day we moved to the Opera Center Offices! It was just a huge open space with nothing in it. I was assigned project manager and, without and prior knowledge or experience, facilitated the building of the office from scratch. I was in charge of collaborating with constructors, architects, painters and design artists. The space plans became my Bible. That was the moment when I realized that I can do anything!

Biggest Learning

I have learned to adapt to company growth and strive to provide positive impact and a unique perspective. I have also learned to look into the future and anticipate the growth and changes. There is always something that can be improved and made better and I am always approaching my work through a lens of optimization and innovation.

Looking Ahead

Since I’ve joined QUALITANCE I have been a part of something big and I can’t wait to see how the company grows from here. I am planning to expand my expertise in business controls and project management and continue to solidify the operations department and create an awesome team that will ease the life of all Qualitancers. We are a fast moving company and there is always something to innovate and improve. I know that my position will always be fun, interesting and challenging!


Love getting to know Ina? Stay tuned for next week when we dive into the QLABS program!