Can your boss make it or break it for you
Can your boss make it or break it for you

Can your boss make it or break it for you

“A good manager is a man who isn’t worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.”

 H.S.M. Burns

In school, we are taught about the difference between a manager and a leader, how the first only achieves team results through his influential power, through authority and without caring for the individuals in his team, whereas the second is able to comprehend the needs of every team member, willing to help everyone in need as long as the individual succeeds in carrying out his daily tasks as well as possible. In practice, the two terms combine in different proportions, resulting in the spectacular opinions, desires and wishes of the result-oriented people simply called “bosses” by their employees. An employee can be defined a human being capable of working in a team of different people under the formal or informal authority imposed by the position and statute of a boss.

Thinking of the differences between individuals and the even bigger differences between employees and bosses, we should wonder whether a person with a higher position has the ability to crush the desires, dreams and wishes of the workers beneath him, and if he is likely to do so.

Numerous voices say that if you do your job well, nobody will be able to interfere and destroy your reputation. That is 100% true, but what about reaching that point in time when you feel the desire to grow within the company. Here things get more complicated, since your boss will have an important contribution in the decision making process. Therefore, complicated thoughts will appear in the minds of contestants, who will remember every interaction they had with their leaders in order to determine their chances of success. If this results in failure, the affected person will feel disappointed by his or her boss, one of the common thoughts being to limit their involvement in creating the needed wellbeing of the projects.

A smart person once said that we become old when we stop feeling the desire to be perfect and to do everything as good as we can. Therefore, in case of such a failure, get back and continue fighting for your ideals. Don’t waste the time invested in the project simply because your reward did not come just yet. Don’t allow yourself excuses, such as “This happened because of my boss”, “This happened because of the difference in opinion with my manager” or “They did not want me there”. You are your own boss and the only one who has the power to decide if your life should be a paradise, full of happiness and entertainment or a missed opportunity, constantly addressed to as failure. Although your boss cannot make it or break it for you, your own induced fear is likely to do so and will definitely do so if you allow it the liberty to act on your behalf.

The relation you have with your boss is important, but the most important relation of all is the one you have with yourself and you should never change this. So, hoping that reading this post has opened new perspectives in your life, please don’t forget, YOU are the most important person in the fighting ring, the only one who can make it or break it!