Building trust every day: Gia, front desk officer
Building trust every day: Gia, front desk officer

Building trust every day: Gia, front desk officer

Maybe you already know Gia. If you’ve ever stepped into our office in Opera Center, you’ve definitely been welcomed by her smile. She’s the lady from the front desk.

People trust her. And when we say people, we mean all the people in the company. Mike thinks she’s amazing and he lives in Sydney! For Gia, each day has its priorities. People usually come to her with: “How fast can you help me with this?” And that’s why she’s running around most of the time. She’s helping others. So, what’s all about being the heartbeat of an ambitious tech company? We’ll let her tell the story.

What does a day in your life look like?

Well, morning is the busiest part of the day. When I get to work I check the meeting rooms, to make sure everything is in place. I put fresh fruits into both kitchens, I turn the AC on, then the mailmen are starting to come. I send emails and help with other admin stuff, certificates, orders for supplies.

In the afternoon it’s interviewing time – I welcome candidates, bring them coffee or water, then the recruiting ladies are taking care of them. There are days when I check the work logs of all the people in Q, I give them reminders & so on. Usually, Fridays and the last days of the month are dedicated to work logs.

What’s the best thing about your work?

It’s a dynamic job. I interact with a lot of people, I laugh with them; this keeps me in a good mood. If I did the same thing in an isolated place, it would be extremely boring.

You’re the most well-known person in Q. What does that feel like?

building-trustMost of the people coming here are first talking to me. Then they get used to asking me all kind of things, and I’m happy to help them. Even the smallest piece of information, offered in a specific moment, means a lot. It’s comfortable for them to come to me for some help. Most of the time I’m the mediator between them (especially the colleagues from outsourcing), and management.

What does building trust mean to you?

It’s a process. I don’t feel like I did something to gain people’s trust. It happened. I guess it has to do with my personality: I’m not stiff when someone comes to me for anything. I listen to their needs, then help them fast, especially when it’s an emergency.

Do you get appreciations from the colleagues?

They often call me afterward and tell me everything is OK, they thank me for all the help. I’m happy when this happens. It comes as a compensation for all the rush I’m in sometimes. Colleagues give compliments very easily.

Tell us a funny request from the Q people.

There’s actually one: a colleague asked me not to send the “Happy birthday” email to all, on his birthday, because nobody knows him and he doesn’t care about that anyway. I said to him that I cared and I would send the email only to him.

In life, you can’t be perfect, but you can be the best version of yourself.

What were your beginnings at QUALITANCE like?

Before coming here I worked in a startup with only two other people. That means a lot of work, in many fields. So when I came here I knew how to do a lot of things, but nothing specific. Tasks were coming over me, I was struggling to accomplish them all, I was making mistakes and nothing seemed to come out as it should be. Then I motivated myself and started to concentrate more on what I had to do, I set objectives that helped me do my work better and better. Step by step, I got used to the workflow and became more relaxed. Making mistakes is human, after all.

How did you change in this time?

I managed to be more chill about any task I have to do and to prioritize them. I learned how to say “No” to things that don’t depend on me. I also figured out what’s important for each of the key people here, so I can work better with them.The difference is that now I focus more on myself, on how I can make my life easier while working.

Your life advice.

In life, you can’t be perfect, but you can be the best version of yourself. I work on small things that make me better each day. I learned that I can start it all over again at any moment, doing all kinds of jobs. I’m not afraid of anything.


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