BootQamp: Adriana, business analyst
BootQamp: Adriana, business analyst

BootQamp: Adriana, business analyst

What I’ve learned in my first 3 months at QUALITANCE

You’re on your own time now! The BootQamp is not your average “welcome to the team” HR program.

Sure, it involves inductions, meets & greets, but most importantly it’s a 3 month in-depth, assisted dive into company culture for newcomers. It sounds excessive, but we do some things very different here: we actually believe the values we put on our walls mean something in our day-to-day, we use revolutionary methodologies like rapid prototyping, next-gen technologies, and we know we can find ways to say “yes” to the toughest challenges. Adriana was the first to graduate our new BootQamp program. Read below about how her intensive 3 months turned out and how she feels now, as a fully-fledged member of the Q-team.

First things first: How was your first day at work in QUALITANCE

I got into meetings and building user stories really fast. I’m pretty bad with names (busted!), so you can imagine my joy when 3 out of the 5 people from the meeting were called Bogdan. Skipping the “let’s take it easy” approach helped me keep my enthusiasm. One of the impressive things was that people seemed really committed and put a lot of passion in work: a confirmation that I clearly wasn’t bound to get bored here any time soon.

What personal and professional skills have you mastered with the help of this bootcamp?

Professional: I’ve clearly strengthened the skill to be multitasking, it’s fun to have several tasks to juggle with. In theory it’s best to focus on one task at a time, but I think diversity is better, at least for me, because short breaks from a project let you see the big picture. Personal: I’m generally adaptive, as I think this is one of the most important soft skill while working in teams and the fast pace here created natural circumstances for me to use it. 

3 favorite things about QUALITANCE

The Opera view: it was the first “wow” at the interviews and I remember telling myself “I’d love to work here and see this every morning”. The people: a really nice community. Since people are picked to fit the rest of the team – and we are quite a team – , you get the chance to work with like-minded individuals. The diversity of projects and business areas: you never get bored. It’s also the place where you are encouraged to come with ideas, improve things and do it your way, as long as you prove results.

3 words to describe QUALITANCE

Professionalism: It feels like things are done properly, as if people are respecting unwritten rules of how to do things the right way (and I would keep them unwritten, just to keep their power). The people here are naturally smart, funny, cool and they deliver great things.

Friendship: I have that cosy feeling while at work, which I think is really important as we spend most of our time in the office.

Commitment: Most of the people from here are committed and devoted to what they have to do. I’ve been in previous jobs where I gave up of being committed because commitment should be a mutual trait between employer and employee, businessman and client. QUALITANCE helped me regain the commitment.

3 people you’ve learned from in QUALITANCE 

Bogdan (the CTO Bogdan): he taught me what being a coach means by proving to be an example of commitment, patience and passion through his work.

Serban: he always manages to teach me that there’s a funny side to the serious things.

Casandra: she showed me what it feels like to love your job and how friendship can make you look forward to coming to the office.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had in your first 3 months at QUALITANCE?

I learned not to skip the small details because they really do make a difference. Previously, I used to work with specific businesses and corporate apps, where I was only the provider and the “have-to-be user”. Those apps are usually rigid and not that user friendly. In QUALITANCE I discovered “human apps”, as I like to call them: those apps that respond to the user’s more personal and relatable needs. It seems easy-peasy, but those small details and bugs make you realize that each link and step in the user path must be tested, perfected and improved.

What QUALITANCE trait have you discovered to  identify yourself with the most?

I really believe that if you have commitment you can actually gain all the others: empathy, simplicity and leadership. If you are not committed or don’t develop your empathy, you might not end up as a good leader. I think they come as a package and it might be tricky to split them, but yes, I think commitment is the core.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to get hired at QUALITANCE?

Dear future Qualitancer, If you’re enthusiastic beyond your HR interview and have a need for speed when it comes to tackling projects, you might be a great fit here and you might also love rapid prototyping!


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