Autumn bootqamp: Bianca & Razvan
Autumn bootqamp: Bianca & Razvan

Autumn bootqamp: Bianca & Razvan

What they've learned in their first 3 months in Q

You’re on your own time now! The BootQamp is not your average “welcome to the team” HR program. Sure, it involves inductions, meets & greets, but most importantly it’s a 3 month in-depth, assisted dive into company culture for newcomers. It might sound excessive, but we do some things very different here: we actually believe the values we put on our walls mean something in our day-to-day work, we use revolutionary methodologies like rapid prototyping, next-gen technologies, and we know we can find ways to say “yes” to the toughest challenges.

This autumn we’ve got two new recruits: Razvan, an amazingly talented engineer, and Bianca, one of our fantastic recruiters. Read below to find out how the QUALITANCE experience turned out to be both in the tech and the HR department.

What did you know about QUALITANCE before you got hired here?

Razvan: Before getting hired here I was already familiar with QUALITANCE a bit, since I had previously heard that they use a really varied and interesting range of technologies and methodologies to develop and deploy apps very quickly.

Bianca: I’ve come across this name many times in my previous sourcing. It got my attention and afterwards I just started to search more and more about Q. I already knew QUALITANCE is different. In a good way.

What convinced you to get hired at QUALITANCE?

Razvan: That’s an easy one: I was eager to use Node.js, Mongo and AngularJS in more projects, because I know that this javascript stack will be a game changer in the software world and Q was the place where I could do that.

Bianca: The vision, the values, the quality of the work, the high stakes. And last, but not least, the good impression that I had after every and each interview. For an HR specialist, a bad interview is a deal breaker, this obviously wasn’t the case.

How did you expect the job, the environment and the team at QUALITANCE to be and what’s your impression now, after 3 months?

Razvan: I was a bit worried it would be a rough corporate environment with lots of rules and cranky people, but it wasn’t – everybody was super friendly from day one and helped me with advice about projects and adapting to the company culture.

Bianca: I knew the job would be a challenge but I was positive about it. The environment and the team are a big part of the learning process, so I hoped that I will find support in terms of knowledge sharing, operations and procedures. And so it was. The people are fun, passionate about their work, focused, willing to share knowledge, and willing to work as a team for finding the best solutions to any problem.

You both talk about continuous learning and improving. What’s the most important lesson that you’ve learned in your BootQamp?

Razvan: Where do I start? I clearly improved my teamwork skills because I was used to working alone in projects but in Q you always work closely with the QA and the delivery manager. That also taught me how to share knowledge and improve my agile project management skills.

Bianca: I gained the ability to define my goals more accurately and decide what steps are needed to achieve them: adapting to a fast pace, prioritizing efficiently and focusing on the solution.

Autumn bootqamp: Bianca & Razvan

What was your biggest learning challenge in Q?

Bianca: Considering that in Q we work with a wide range of software profiles I’ve got the chance to learn about new technologies (e.g. MEAN stack). Because some of those were new to me, I had to come up with new strategies of sourcing and new ways of approaching the candidates.

Can you name 3 people you’ve learned something new from in Q? Who are they and what have you learned from them?

Bianca: I have something to learn from each and every one. But since I have to pick only three, I’m going to mention Maria, our HR Manager, from whom I’ve learned that there are no problems only solutions, Cristina, who taught me to always think positive and Manuela, from whom I’ve learned to never ever give up!

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about the company?

Razvan: I’m surrounded by smart, driven people who provide the best environment for learning I’ve ever experienced. Also, you’re encouraged to build your own projects and you can get amazing support from the company through an internal initiative called QLABS. What would I change about Q? I would move the paper shredder outside our open space because  it can be really annoying sometimes!


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