Why to apply for the e-Business Master Program
Why to apply for the e-Business Master Program

Why to apply for the e-Business Master Program

Our insights and involvement in the program

The e-Business Master Program, part of The Faculty of Cybernetics, continues this year with another generation of students, developing their abilities of working with open technologies.

The programme’s main goal is to cultivate excellency inside the tech community by creating an elite of specialists with expertise in modern technologies. Students who are passionate about Front-end development, Enterprise technology stacks and Software Testing must apply for the master’s program starting with the 20th of July 2015.

Our commitment to the program

QUALITANCE will support the AngularJS labs within the program and will continue to provide these opportunities, along with the Software Testing courses, already added to the university curriculum.

Adding value

The eBusiness program is focused on more than just developing key abilities in open technologies – it supports students to socially and professionally integrate in tech communities, as well as gain enough confidence and knowledge to start building their own business. The Master Program provides effective methods of learning how to effectively build and manage an e-business, combining top-notch technologies and methodologies with activities that involve students’ practical abilities in software development.

Software specialists are invited regularly to teach and share their knowledge regarding emerging technologies that have the highest demand on the market, such as J2EE, Front-end/Mobile and Testing.

eBusiness Program – Application details

Applications for 2015-2016 university year will be open from the 20th of July until the 24th of July 2015. This year’s academic offer brings into contest 10 state budgeted study openings and 40 other more with tax, all available for this year’s enrollment. People eager to learn more about management and software are encouraged to apply. The admissions will based on the mandatory skills exam.

Further details concerning taxes, schedule and other information about the Master Program are available here.