3 rules we follow to build amazing digital products
3 rules we follow to build amazing digital products

3 rules we follow to build amazing digital products


We all want to create amazing new digital products that improve people’s lives. Just thinking of the spectacular work Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive did for Apple that makes us dream big. How do they do it? Bear with us to find out three ways to master product design.

FACT: 95% of products fail

Now, the not so encouraging news is 95% of products fail, as Clay Christensen puts it. It’s not only hard, it’s almost impossible to create a viable product.

But, for all the struggles you may encounter, we have the answer. No more embarrassing launch failures! Follow these three rules and you’ll be on the way to building amazing solutions.

1. Take time to know your end user.

Meet the people who will use your product, observe their experience, and extract all the insights they provide you.

This is how we grew our mindset at QUALITANCE – we learned to focus more on the end users’ needs. Whether our client is from Russia, Australia or the US, we would go there and see exactly how real users interact with the product.

In a recent innovation workshop, we designed we discovered the difference between the client’s perception of the product versus the end user’s perception.

By seeing people using the product, we revealed ways we can improve it.

Serban, Architecture Owner

2. Ask yourself an honest WHY.

Why do I build this feature? Why is this functionality necessary to my user? If it doesn’t meet any of your user’s needs, it’s gone.

“When we doubt the necessity of a feature, we challenge the functionality of the product and strive to offer more to the user. We think of what we want to reach by building that feature”, explains Serban.


3. Keep your team in sync.

Know each other’s work, challenge ideas, be open to iterate together and make your work sharper. Improving is the key.

Product design and software development go hand in hand to find the ‘sweet spot’ – building a product that is feasible, viable, and desirable.

Stefan, Design Competency Lead

For the ideal product to come out, our team at QUALITANCE makes sure everyone’s efforts are aligned with the others. Agile sprints – like workshops, daily standups, internal & external demos – are part of our everyday work to build great experiences.

So, do you want to create meaningful solutions, that go beyond expectations and fulfill people’s lives? Just follow these three rules above and you will make it.

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