Time-saving solution for the emergency medicine
Time-saving solution for the emergency medicine



2017-08-04Resident physicians need to accomplish over 100 medical procedures during the 5-year residency. The process of reporting each procedure takes too much time, and time is crucial when talking about the emergency. During a hackathon, our team came up with a solution for Department of Emergency Situations (DSU) that helps emergency doctors save around 25 invaluable minutes a day to treat patients.


We had to build a prototype that proved the new solution is time-saving. Using the old web system, doctors spent 1.44 minutes to report 5 procedures.

With the medEasy solution, we challenged ourselves to minimize the time as much as possible.

medeasy app


The medEasy mobile app simplifies doctors’ lives and gives them more time to take care of the patients. Resident doctors can report their procedures faster, and the attending physicians can validate their work immediately.

medeasy app-2 We integrated the web-based data system that the doctors used before into mobile versions for iOS and Android. Doctors gained mobility because they can report the procedures right away, on their phones. No more need of notebooks to remember the procedures they’ve done. The app reduced the time for reporting to one-third.

Over 1000 physicians will use the app. They will save up to 25 minutes every day, which means 25.000 minutes nationwide. In the future, medEasy will also be extended to other residency programs.

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