A world of possibilities for the future of retail
A world of possibilities for the future of retail



A World of Possibilities for the Future of Retail More and more players from the retail industry started exploring how emerging technologies could keep customers connected to brands and increase sales. IKEA Mega sensed some potential in VR, but engaged QUALITANCE to help them discover its countless possibilities.


Our team embarked on the difficult mission of turning the threat of virtual shopping into an opportunity for IKEA Centers, one of the world’s biggest mall operators. Guided by design thinking principles and methods, the team created a scalable, reliable VR-based solution that delighted customers and added tremendous value to the shopping experience.

The Future of Retail


By converging the immersive environment enabled by Virtual Reality with IKEA’s physical spaces, we made the best of both worlds and created magic.

The Future of RetailWe built the Front Row Experience as a new way for Millennials to get inspired and shop for fashion. The product, which integrates a VR fashion-show with touch-table shopping and a mobile app, lets customers, Millennials in particular, discover new outfits according to their personal style.

After launch, we used the System Usability Scale – a global standard in use for over 30 years – to measure the experience.  The average product SUS score is 68, and less than 15% of products ever built scored above 90. Front Row Experience received a score of 90.7.

Watch the video to get a real feel of the FrontRow experience:

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