QUALITANCE optimizes healthtech with Google Cloud boost for superior software
QUALITANCE optimizes healthtech with Google Cloud boost for superior software

Google Cloud's Software Advantage in Telemedicine


QUALITANCE is a Google Cloud Partner QUALITANCE has recently partnered up with a healthcare startup that brings to market a seamless, scalable system offering patients, doctors, clinics and pharma companies instant access to personal care that is deeply personal for everyone. As a technology partner, we have helped our client design and develop the product, ensuring the infrastructure is scalable and capable to sustain future developments long-term.


On the one hand, we had to make sure that we could rapidly deploy and scale the code, and we needed reliable servers for that. On the other hand, it was detrimental to be able to easily scan the app for any health issue and fix any occurring issue really fast.


With Google Kubernetes, we automated the deployment and scaling, and managed the containerized app, which enabled our developers s to work easily with the microservices architecture. We managed the CI/CD pipeline with Cloud Build, and automated building, testing, and deploying code changes. To gain insights in the app behavior and to troubleshoot issues, we used the Google Cloud Monitoring and Logging services.

By using these 3 Google Cloud Services only, we streamlined our developers’ workflows, we managed to automate their repetitive tasks, and we accelerated the development, testing and deployment processes.

Due to the Kubernetes Engine, we were able to gradually update the app and had smooth transitions between versions, without downtimes, as the devs could roll out updates and canary deployments. The auto-scaling capabilities allowed our resources to automatically adjust based on demand, and thus the app would scale horizontally handling increased traffic without manual intervention from our development team.