QUALITANCE brings SaaS to Google Cloud for innovative growth and efficient careers
QUALITANCE brings SaaS to Google Cloud for innovative growth and efficient careers

Empowering Careers: Innovating with SaaS on Google Cloud


QUALITANCE is a Google Cloud Partner QUALITANCE has recently developed a SaaS solution for companies in need to organize their internal teams and departments, helping employees advance their careers by setting clear professional requirements and objectives and making AI-based recommendations on the complementary skills they can acquire to grow.

We designed and developed the SaaS solution from scratch, starting from QUALITANCE’s organizational needs that included employee attendance tracking and reporting, asset, feedback and project management as well as career growth support.


The biggest challenge was to migrate the web app with all its components from our on-premise system to the Cloud with minimum to zero impact on data continuity, integrity, and privacy, while maintaining the operability and without the need for significant configuration or refactoring, and no downtime.


We containerized the app and deployed it to Kubernetes. We migrated successfully due to the PaaS environment of GC’s App Engine, which made the infrastructure management really easy. The VM Migration service allowed us to lift and shift our workloads without major code changes. Due to the Database Migration service, we migrated our PostgreSQL database with minimal downtime and data loss.

We streamlined the development and deployment process via the Cloud Code service. Throughout the migration process we were able to maintain the data consistency and integrity as we did not experience any data corruption or loss. The migrated app required a low refactoring level, which reduced the workload of the development team.

Migrating Team Choice HR from our on-prem infrastructure to Google Cloud entailed a seamless data transfer with minimal downtime, which did not compromise on the integrity of our app’s data. The transition proved to be cost-effective, reducing our team’s effort to manage the infrastructure and bringing a significant improvement on our app’s scalability, reliability, and overall performance.