Re-engineering e-commerce for scalability
Re-engineering e-commerce for scalability



Expanding rapidly in the Central Europe region, asked QUALITANCE to help take their online store to a world-class level platform regarding scalability, security, performance and user experience. is the second largest online retailer in Romania, with almost 1M users, and aims to become the biggest online retailer in the region.

Challenge needed to reshape its platform to accommodate more users and be easily extensible from a functionality point of view. They wanted to have cost efficiency during normal load times and overcome one of their challenges – to deliver during peak load times (Black Friday, Christmas).


We created together a service-oriented architecture, deployable in a cloud infrastructure that can support variations in load and auto-scale without human intervention. The new platform will be built using microservices approach and can accommodate almost 20M users.

We designed a plan to accommodate different categories of users based on demographics, to bring the platform more close to them.

The new platform benefits of greater security, with all the information protected in storage and in transit, ensuring fraud-prevention and customer privacy.

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