Connecting the gaming community with AI
Connecting the gaming community with AI


QUALITANCE represents everything we wanted from a developer partner: best of class development skills, a collaborative product development process, strategic thinking and most importantly huge value for our investment. We give them our highest recommendation to any company looking to execute their software strategy.

Roderick Alemania, ReadyUp Co-Founder & CEO



ReadyUp Esports Platform - Connecting the Gaming CommunityAfter operating in the niche for over 10 years, eSports are finally taking the front scene of the entertainment industry. In a pioneering market estimated to reach $2 billion in worth by 2022, ReadyUp wanted to help solve life-long problems for video gamers – finding and competing with compatible players. Thus QUALITANCE came to the rescue of eSports players, enabling them to step out of isolation, find the right people to play with and grow their own communities.


Initially, building a platform that would equally meet the needs of eSports pros, competitive amateurs or weekend players worldwide seemed nearly impossible. Nevertheless, working in Agile sprints and doing intensive tests with real users enabled our team to build an ML-based matchmaking platform that lets users connect and team up with compatible players in terms of gaming skills, personality, behavior and social traits.

ReadyUp Esports Platform - Connecting the Gaming Community

What I appreciate about the QUALITANCE product team is their disciplined development process.  Each feature – no matter the size – is evaluated through the customer lens. There are research, documentation, visualization and quality assurance steps to each development undertaking, leading to a thoughtfully-crafted and highly polished final product.

Sam Player, ReadyUp VP of Product



ReadyUp Esports Platform - Connecting the Gaming CommunityFollowing a significant R&D investment, we built our own Machine Learning solution that mines countless game stats and uses up to 7 sophisticated algorithms to identify, sort and group together various gaming patterns. Based on such data, the ReadyUp platform then automatically generates player profiles descriptive of their gaming style, level of expertise, personality and social behavior.

Once the users log in to the platform with their Steam account, they receive accurate recommendations related to suitable teams and roles within them according to performance level and compatibility aspects.

With this profiling system in place, ReadyUp users can skillfully recruit their own teams, find compelling opponents to play against and ultimately enjoy a rewarding gaming experience. What’s more, the platform’s training component enables users to improve their gaming skills with instant access to personal coaches and opportunities to play alongside eSports legends.

For more info and guidance, you can always contact our Industry Expert Dragos Pirvu at [email protected]