Building an AR experience in less than a day
Building an AR experience in less than a day


candy-land-logo-small-compressorAugmented Reality became accessible for over 250 million people owning an iPhone, thanks to the ARKit. We believe Apple will become the most significant AR platform for three major reasons:

-it’s the only company having the power to create a new market;
-it has full power and control on its hardware, and OS dedicated to that hardware;
-it offers easy to use AR to people on a cool device people already know and (maybe) have.


The app, in all its complexity of various AR elements, should be scalable with any kind of space, indoor and outdoor.

We had to design Candyland so that it meets the expectations of a fantasy world and keeping real-life details. The time constraint was not to be ignored – the AR app had to be ready in less than 24 hours.




candylandmobile3Using the ARKit, we created a unique, fairytale experience in one day. The Candyland app is highly compatible and flexible: it is designed and built for the latest iOS 11.

People can enjoy its immersion in the workspace or in the real world, being adaptable to all kinds of environments. The app is free to download from the App store and use for any purpose. No ads, no hidden payments – Candyland runs totally free.

The Candyland app gets users into a world of magic and works as a proof of how easy it is to build AR apps.

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