Recruiting slows down your product development? Get a bridge team to help you go LIVE while you keep scouting

Hiring and fitting in new people might take more than 3 months. Use this time to move your product forward – our bridge teams are ready to plug in and deliver amazing software on time, with zero friction. In the meantime, you focus on finding the ideal team for your product.


They worked with us

Why you should do it too

We're user-oriented

Creating an amazing experience takes a lot of customer empathy. We build meaningful user-experiences into each digital solution we develop. Because the user always comes first.

We're risk-free

Product validation from day #1 is our religion. Every feature we build is subject to hundreds of prototypes and iterations. That’s how we make sure your product smoothly fits the market.

We're agile

We work in agile, autonomous teams. It’s how we manage to deliver reliable solutions incredibly fast, embedding emerging technologies - AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT.

Why Clients Love Us

  • I was impressed by the consistent quality of work delivered by QUALITANCE, as well as by their flexibility, solid technical understanding, and very useful feedback to our design requirements.
    Andrei Agapi, Architect
  • QUALITANCE represents everything we wanted from a developer partner: best of class development skills, a collaborative product development process, strategic thinking and most importantly huge value for our investment. We give them our highest recommendation to any company looking to execute their software strategy.
    Roderick Alemania, Cofounder & CEO