QUALITALKS #7: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
QUALITALKS #7: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Wednesday 29th of March 2017 07:00 PM
Opera Center, Building 2, Floor 7 (2 Dr. Staicovici Street, 050556, Bucharest)
Dan Cautiș

Intelligent robots, smartphones that predict typing, software that translates between languages and recognizes faces – all of these are part of our world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us and brings a bonanza of benefits in our everyday life.

At this QUALITALKS edition, Dan Cautiș gave us a glimpse of the future: artificial intelligence is going to change the way we live and work and you will learn how technology exactly makes it happen.

Watch the full-length talk:


QUALITALKS is a tech talks series hosted by QUALITANCE for enthusiasts, experts and thought leaders to meet and exchange ideas.