Leading practices for virtual collaboration in the digital economy
Leading practices for virtual collaboration in the digital economy

Thursday 15th of April 2021 11:00 AM
Mike Parsons, Raluca Nicolescu

In a candid conversation with QUALITANCE CEO Mike Parsons, RALUCA NICOLESCU, Executive Director Small & Medium Enterprises, Raiffeisen Bank,  will be sharing the lessons learned in 1 year of entirely remote  collaboration, including the challenges and solutions for building trust, creating inclusion,  and achieving shared goals against all adversity.

Back when we were all in the office, collaboration was more straightforward. We relied on proven ways to share our vision, make decisions, celebrate success, and learn from each other. The work-from-home reality has pushed us to reframe the concept of teamwork and translate all analogue practices into a language of collaboration and efficiency that we can all understand and leverage.


  • The role of vulnerability in building trust 
  • How to align the team to goals & vision 
  • Ways to create an inclusive environment
  • How to have tough conversations
  • How to build team rapport

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QUALITALKS is a QUALITANCE webinar series advocating digital transformation and winning collaboration models in the hyper-scalable 21st-century digital economy.