Beyond the Blockchain Hype
Beyond the Blockchain Hype

Tuesday 16th of October 2018 06:00 PM
Mike Parsons, Sebastian Cochinescu

Blockchain is currently undergoing various adoption phases across organizations worldwide. According to the latest statistics, the consumer products & manufacturing industry is the fastest to adopt blockchain, with 29% of businesses deploying it and using it in production. Contrary to general belief, the financial services are not so easily convinced, as 49% of organizations are only experimenting with blockchain, creating proofs of concept before implementing it. Is blockchain a winning hand for all industries or is it just a mirage?

Beyond the Blockchain Hype” reveals how far industries are from leveraging the blockchain technology at its full potential, while breaking down interesting use cases from a variety of verticals. The talk-show features QUALITANCE Chief Innovation Officer Mike Parsons and Soundfeed Chief Blockchain Officer and SupplyBlockchain CEO and founder Sebastian Cochinescu, who deconstruct the hype and offer a pragmatic, easy to understand perspective on this complex technology.

Watch the full video:

Key takeaways:

  • How blockchain builds trust and how to adjust high expectations
  • The latest trends from San Francisco Blockchain Week
  • How medical research, voting, the energy sector and creative industries can leverage blockchain

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