Intelligent Locations, a breakthrough healthcare technology
Intelligent Locations, a breakthrough healthcare technology

Intelligent Locations, a breakthrough healthcare technology

When people we care about are in the midst of surgery or a stressful hospital visit – we’re always on edge and want to be up to date on the news. This is when a healthcare technology solution comes in help and restores trust and safety, both for people and medical institutions. And we’ve built it!

Intelligent Locations, the latest platform developed by QUALITANCE, is an innovative application that allows a precise tracking of medical assets and patients. First, family and close people know patient’s location in real time because they receive notifications whenever the location of the patient changes.

Every year, hospitals in the US misplace equipment worth more than 20% of their yearly budget.

Second, hospital managers can understand the true utilization rate of their equipment. Also, they can attach real-life metrics to the hospital workflows. The healthcare technology, an IoT (Internet of Things) solution, has two different components offered as SaaS. They can be purchased separately, as iOS and Android free apps for patient’s family and friends.

Innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solution

intelligent_small2This win-win solution became reality thanks to US-based Romanian Bogdan Nedelcu, the founder and CEO of Intelligent Locations, and the expertise of QUALITANCE team.

An year and a half ago, Bogdan Nedelcu and Ioan Iacob, CEO QUALITANCE, had the first talk about the project which was going to innovate the health system. The idea of such an application came out as a solution that would fix a real life situation. Every year, hospitals in the US misplace equipment worth more than 20% of their yearly budget.

So, hospitals would definitely benefit from a healthcare technology which allows tracking and visualization of equipment and people (patients) in hospital areas.

intelligent_small3Soon after the first discussion, in just two days, QUALITANCE created the prototype, using BLE (Bluetooth low energy) trackers and mobile phones. Afterwards, in two months, Intelligent Locations app already existed in alpha version. Four months later, the beta version was live. In the summer of 2016, the pilot projects were implemented in two hospitals of the Chicago area from one of the largest faith-based hospital organization in the United States.

“We have received rave reviews from customers and investors for Intelligent Locations ability to incorporate the hospital personnel’s needs in a very timely manner. The willingness of the hospital to work with us help find the best possible implementation and partner with us to extend our partnership speaks a lot for the future of our young company”, stated Bogdan Nedelcu, CEO Intelligent Locations.

Scalable, easy to install platform

The IoT (Internet of Things) solution provided by QUALITANCE is a scalable platform that can be implemented in any hospital, no matter the size. The installation is done through an user interface, in about 15 minutes. That’s just enough time to make a cup of coffee and stretch the legs.

healthcare_technologyThe hardware part consists in two types of components, non-intrusive and easy to install. This means an easy set up process and eliminated costs.

The advantage of this innovative Intelligent Locations app is its universal appeal. It can be implemented in any hospital, including those in Romania, in a very short time and at a correct cost. For us, healthcare is one of the key industries where innovation and technology can add great value“, said Ioan Iacob, CEO QUALITANCE.

The future is bright for the Intelligent Locations project. Starting March-April this year, the platform will be implemented in France. Also, based on recent discussions, there are chances that the healthcare technology will find its home in Romanian health system in the near future.

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